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"CD Review - Nick Sterling - Life Goes On"

I saw a Nick Sterling performance on TV from when he was 12 and it swept me up instantly. I should mention that this is the first review IMS has ever gone out and solicited, so if you're expecting this CD to be dashed against the rocks, don't hold your breath. If you're expecting to hear about an unbelievable release from an even more unbelievable artist, read on, my friend!
When I say I hate what's coming out of the all too often Disney-backed music world, I mean just that. It's all the same pop drivel boy band / girl band yech that's sappy, unimaginative and obviously commercially slick enough to cause tooth decay. When I say I hate Nick Sterling's music, it's pure jealousy, baby! This 15 year old from Arizona has got it all. It's not enough that he plays guitar like the masters... Nugent, Steve Morse.. it's not enough that he sings like he's been doing this for decades.. or that he moved on to playing drums, bass, keyboard and cello like a pro.. he's also writes, produces and engineers.
So anyway... I asked for a copy of Nick Sterling's cd, Life Goes On, to review and it came in the mail 4 days later. Oh, the joy of it all. I kind of knew what to expect so dropping it into the cd changer and turning up the volume to 11 seemed to be the right course of action. Sure enough, the first chords of Hold Me Down wafted through the air and I knew this was going to be a good time. If I had to classify, I'd say combinations of Triumph and Head East but a little grittier like someone threw in a handful of Iron Maiden or Dream Theater. Sonic Laundry is instrumental, giving Nick a chance to show off his chops. Let's be clear in this, when I say he's really, really good, I don't mean in a "he's good for a 15 year old" way. I mean he's good in a "Man, this kid sets the guitar on fire" way. Life Goes On continues in classic rock and roll style and rolls right into Catch Me If You Can. Tomorrow starts with smooth acoustic guitar and breaks into more hard rocking that's accessible but more musically complex than a lot of stuff I've listened to lately. Nick's got a great ear for dynamics.
Now we get to my fave on the cd, I'm Still Here. I really, really like this cut. I would buy the CD for this cut alone and it would be worth every penny. It's just a great big rock/metal tune with such a strong guitar lead in the middle.. well.. I'm speechless. Another Day slows, gets all acoustic and mellows what has been a predominately rocking cd. It's a perfect break. Let Me Out picks up the tempo again and brings us to What Can Be Done. The cd closes with the instrumental Finkelstein's Dream.
Personally, I would've liked to hear another mellow acoustic cut on the cd but unless Nick suddenly decides to give up music, there's plenty of time for that. This kid's young and, with his talent, there's no reason he can't be a household name in the days to come. His production skills equal his performance skills. Life Goes On sounds as full and satisfying as any big label release. No doubt about it. Go buy it!
genre: Rock / Metal
reviewed by: Chris Lonsberry - ( on 2005-11-22

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"CD Review - Nick Sterling - Life Goes On"

So many bands never reach such a professional level of composition, playing,
and production quality, after 30 years of effort.

You should be very proud of the results.

My favorite tracks are Life Goes On, followed by Another Day, What Can Be
Done and Sonic Laundry.

Your CD reminds me a lot of music I listened to when I was growing up,
blended with things modern and unique. So I'm saying it is accessible and
comfortable, yet fresh and appeals to my taste for new sounds and style.

Thumbs up!
- Tony Farinella - Evidence Audio


Life Goes On
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At a time in music when there are so many throw away artists with little musical credibility and absolutely no staying power, it makes it obvious to see why Nick Sterling stands out ahead of the rest. Hailing from the southwest state of Arizona, Nick Sterling is a young musician who is on his way to having a long career. He began at the age of seven when he picked up his first guitar. In the years that have followed he has performed hundreds of shows, developed an amazing stage presence, and raised his guitar playing to the level that many have called virtuoso. But he didn't stop there. With so much talent in him he simply had to expand his abilities. This led Nick to also play drums, bass, upright bass, keyboards, and cello all at a performance level to rival many studio musicians. In 2004 at the age of fourteen, Nick set out to record his first full length CD on which he wrote all the material, played every instrument, sang every vocal as well as produced and engineered the project. With the ability to be his own production company, the belief in writing and performing music with integrity, and the seemingly endless amount of talent within him, Nick Sterling is a strong force in the future of music.