Nick Strange

Nick Strange


The Nick Strange Band: Five Cds released. A mega talented female singer and an Electric folk/Rock/Jam/with a twist of Jazz Band. No, there is no one named Nick Strange in the group, but we don't let that slow us down.


The Band’s History

The Nick Strange Band is a multi-styled jamb band led by Daniel Orcutt with as much emphasis on song writing as on jamming. Their body of work starts in 1999 as a power trio with “Happy Accident” followed by “Surrounded by Each Other” 2001, “Ghost of Love” 2004, and “Stray Dog Serenades” 2006. Then in 2007 the group added the gifted vocalist Jessica Oberholtzer for the acclaimed CD “Yesterday was Better”. They’ve been compared to Jeff Buckley, Dave Matthews, and Fiona Apple, it just depends which songs you catch.



1999 Happy Accident
2001 Surrounded by Each Other
2004 Ghost of Love
2006 Stray Dog Serenades
2007 Yesterday was Better

Set List

Typical Sets

The Nick Strange Band and Duo are prolific writers so their sets consist predominantly of original music. Sometimes situations call for some cover songs. We are known for capturing the feel, and doing interpretations of a song, as opposed to sounding just like the record. Here is our current list of covers:

Love is What I Got Sublime
Tell Me Something Good Chaka Khan and Rufus
Superstitious Stevie Wonder
Grape Vine Marvin Gaye
Lets Get it On
What’s Going On
An’t no Sunshine Billy Withers
Gimme one Reason Tracey Chapman
Seen it all Before Amos Lee
Circles Soul Coughing
The Joker Steve Miller
Fly Like an Eagle
Fool in the Rain Led Zeppelin