Nick Swan

Nick Swan


The real deal.


I am Nick Swan. I want you to know it is me writing this bio. It isn't someone who knows me. It isn't someone who doesn't know me. It isn't me pretending not to be me. It's me. I write songs and play music because I believe it is the highest form of artistic expression available to us in this life, and because I believe it is a gift that has been given to me by God. Firm in that faith, I moved to New York City from Knoxville, TN 2 years ago today to pursue my dreams. There, I did things I always dreamed of doing, and some I had never imagined. I played all the places I dreamed of playing, including CBGB's (for 10 straight weeks) Sin-e (Home of one of idols, Jeff Buckley) the Rockwood Music Hall, and everywhere inbetween. For 2 straight years, I rose to the top of the singer/songwriter scene, until I decided I wanted to be a solo act no longer, and set out to find a band. It was then I decided that the one place I'd have the greatest opportunity to find that band was in the NY of the South, Music City - Nashville, TN. And that is exactly what I have found. Out of a sea of great musicians, I have picked 2, Brian Kilian and Jeb Shelton. Now nothing can stand in our way but ourselves.


The Spottswood Sessions - 2004
14 Songs - 2006
The X&Y Project - 2006

Set List

My setlists are determined by my mood, and where I'm playing. Mostly originals with covers thrown in, again, depending on the above.