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"Nicky Barot Winner: "Honorable Mention" with the song "Me" in the "Rock" category in the 2013 Unsigned Only Music Competition"

Congratulations! It is our honor and pleasure to personally inform you that Nicky Barot, has won "Honorable Mention" with the song "Me" in the "Rock" category in the 2013 Unsigned Only Music Competition. With over 9000 entries from over 100 countries, this is a remarkable achievement, and Unsigned Only and its judges would like to sincerely congratulate you.

- Winner 2013 UNsigned Only Music Competition

"Nicky Barot Wins 2013 Akademia Music Awards "BEST EP-Pop-Rock Category""

'Top-notch vocals, excellent musicianship and great songs give this rising star a standout quality and make this EP a must-have.' - Akademia Music Awards

"RADIO 794"

Nicky Barot One more time CDP2115 3.19 5 2012 A fine debut by the young singer and songwriter Nicky Barot. I think he will be becomes a great future in music and for all-in his music, very playable and very good for your ears pop and rock songs. Seven songs on “Me” and each song I can play for the radio. They are all strong songs. - Jan Nederveen

"Great Album"

A nice record! Radio Seagull is playing, "I can't do this..." quite regularly. ATB! Stevie Gordon - Programme Director, Radio Seagull 1602AM.

- Pan European Radio

"Tameside Radio - Rock Zone playlist"

Hi there, just dropping a line to let you know that I'lll be playing "Me" on my Rock Zone this Saturday round about 7:20-7:30pm (GMT) Alan Ovington’s Rock Zone can be heard on Saturdays at 6pm on 103.6FM Tameside Radio and on-line (with 'Listen Again') at Previous tracklistings on The Rock Zone Blog at Follow on Twitter: Alan Ovington Tameside Radio Cavendish House 85 Cavendish Street Ashton Under Lyne Lancashire OL6 7QL Company Number 05098603

- Tameside Radio

"Los Al Man Making the Music Scene"

Los Alamitos native Nicky Barot is not yet one year from graduating high school, but the 19-year-old is already starting to gain some notice in the music world.

Barot recently recorded his first EP and the Los Alamitos High graduate has already toured much of the country in starting his music career. Some notable names have taken the young musician under their wings, including producer Michael Binikos, who has worked with LeAnn Rimes and songwriters who have written for Rimes, Eric Clapton and Lady Antebellum.

The past year has been the start of a musical passion that has been growing in Barot since the age of seven. Barot is soaking up all the information and experience he can and is seeing his talents grow quickly under some important guidance.

“I’m just putting everything I have into music,” Barot said.

Barot received his first guitar at the age of seven and learned to play by ear. He was influenced by his father’s musical interests, which included AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses. His quick study on the guitar had many of his early instructors calling him a “prodigy.”

Later he gravitated towards some of his own musical favorites, including Linkin Park and the Foo Fighters as he developed his own pop-rock style. He worked with Binikos and Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx to produce his first demo, entitled “What were you thinking?”

In 2008 Barot won the OC Battle of the Bands and has performed at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, as well as the House of Blues in Anaheim and The Roxy in Hollywood. He has also performed live in New York City, Dallas, Nashville, Orlando and Las Vegas. Barot said live performances have been key in developing his music and his style.

“Being on stage, it’s so important, you kind of have to do it to be good at it,” Barot said.

While touring he found time to begin working on his first EP, recently released on iTunes and entitled “Me.” The title track is also “Me” and Barot said it is probably the song that most reflects him. He worked with veteran producer Mickey Jack

Cones, who has worked with names such as Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldeen.

“He helped a lot with the whole album,” Barot said of Cones.

Barot attended Rossmoor Elementary, Oak Middle School and graduated from Los Alamitos High in 2012. His mother Ila and father Steve still live in Los Alamitos, with his younger brother Tyler. When he can he enjoys being back in Los Alamitos and going fishing with his bother, a pastime the two have shared for a long time.

“We’re really close,” Barot said of Tyler.

Barot has begun working on his next EP and will soon begin a new tour that will include stops in London. In his writing he tries to draw on life experiences, but admits that at his young age, those experiences are not as diverse as some of the veterans he has worked with. Instead he tries to use his imagination to gain feelings he puts into his music.

“It’s really all about putting yourself into situations,” Barot said.

For more about Barot, or to hear samples of some of his music, visit He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

- Enterprise News


1. Me
2. Like there never was you
3. I can't do this on my own
4. One more time
5. Why wait
6. A lot of road to go down
7. Your love



Most teenagers can barely hold their focus through their 13th viewing of Twilight: New Moon. But a teenage singer/songwriter/guitarist who can pack LA clubs, garner the attention of top producers and co-write with music legends? A rare find, indeed. At just 19 years old, dashing pop-rocker Nicky Barot is already a musical force to be reckoned with, having showcased the talent and drive to become music's newest phenomenon.
While Nicky's peers were mastering the intricacies of six times seven, the seven year-old Barot received his first six-string, learned to play by ear and was quickly dubbed a "prodigy" by his instructors. Inspired by his father's music collection–AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Guns N' Roses, naturally–he became a student of rock. Before long, the student had become a master, with Nicky's engaging stage presence and memorable guitar licks earning him a victory at the 2005 International Presentation of Performers in New York.
In 2007, Nicky worked with producer Michael Binikos (LeAnn Rimes, Snoop Dogg) to write and record his first demo, "What Were You Thinking?" Propelled by the song's success, Nicky spent the next three years touring from Orange County, California (winning the Orange County Battle of the Bands) to Costa Rica, where he wowed thousands of fans with nothing but his voice and an acoustic guitar. He returned to Southern California a conquering hero, performing for hundreds of fans at Chain Reaction, The Roxy and The House Of Blues.
Nicky spent 2011 flexing his hit-making muscle, co-writing with A-list songwriters Kenny Lamb (Justin Timberlake), Anthony Little (Tina Turner, Jessica Simpson), Dave Robbins (Eric Clapton) and Jason Deere (Lady Antebellum, LeAnn Rimes). In between recording sessions in Nashville and LA, Nicky found time to shoot a new music video and make his television debut in HBO's Hung.
Drawing from incomparable diversity of influences and honing his craft with music industry who's-who, Nicky’s focused on breaking through–and breaking rules along the way. 2013 marks the release of his new EP, Me, produced by veteran Mickey J. Cones. Full of pop-rock earworms shot through with epic-ness, Me crosses musical and cultural boundaries.
Despite his unique sound, like any emerging artist, Nicky's used to being asked, "So, who do you sound like?" Not that he's found a reliable answer. "I honestly don't know who to compare myself to!" Nicky laughs with typical charm. "Dave Grohl is probably my biggest inspiration, though our music is a bit different and we certainly don't look the same!" While the half-Indian Barot may not be the spitting image of the Nirvana drummer turned Foo Fighters frontman, it's only a matter of time before audiences from Hollywood to Bollywood fall for music's hottest new teen spirit.
Most Recently, in 2013, winner of Best EP at Makademia Music Competiton and Honorable Winner at Un-Signed Music Competiton.