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Nicky B. Le Grand

San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"Detroit Free Press Interview"

Currently you work in Graphic Design, any interesting stories you could share?

The very first thing that comes to mind is how difficult it's been being a businesswoman in a world where men want to take advantage of women - or worse have no respect for women. It's been my experience that only men want to short you or screw you over. Of course dealing with female clients is another obstacle in itself because women tend to either know exactly what they want, or have no idea what they want - and nothing in between. Basically I've learned to cover my ass, get it in writing, and modify my contracts to protect me.

How does your graphic work correlate with music, is there any kind of influence?

I'm a Leo, so I'm very passionate about art and music and I love to create. My graphic design work and music definitely relate to other, but are also a dichotomy at the same time. With my music, it's everything who I am, it's honest, truthful, and edgy, and my songs document my life experiences as my poetry and outlet. With the design firm, it's my job to create a design or website that is both functional and says everything about that client. As a graphic designer I have to be a chameleon as each client is unique, one may want a classy design and another wants something artsy, it's all about adapting. Being a performer, you also have to adapt to each situation. Sometimes I'll have a music client where the style of music greatly influences the design, because the design has to speak for the music and set the mood and tone, which applies to my music as well.

How is it that you got into music?

My dad was a working musician and had a booking agency in the Northwest states before moving to Hawaii and having me. So I grew up with music in the house all the time. My dad raised us with family karaoke since I was a toddler, which led to singing in the church choir and school chorus. I also took piano lessons from 5 years on, flute from 10 on, then guitar and bass from 13 on. My dad has always been the one to encourage me to continue to pursue music, that's why I have both "DAD" and my dad's name "DAN" tattooed on my arms.

Have you ever been recognized on the street from your music?

Most recently, the places I get recognized are the places I seem to frequent often, which is Starbucks and the bank. I came into the bank to take care of some business and the banker recognized me from a gig the week before at a club in downtown SD. When I was in high school, my band would play every assembly and lunch time show possible, and there would be underclassmen that would sing our songs to us in passing. That was the earliest experience of getting recognized.

Do you produce your own work?

I'm definitely control freak in charge, or HBIC, however you want to put it. I write all my lyrics and compose my own songs. For this new album I really wanted it to say exactly who I am, so I reached out to my best friend from high school and longtime band member, Steven Clarke, to help me come up with the guitar riffs for 3 songs on the EP, and co-produce another 2. He's currently attending Berklee's School of Music in Boston, and our musical styles are very similar, so he came out for the summer to record some guitar tracks and play gigs. I was previously working with a hip-hop producer (who I thought was my friend) that wanted to take all my publishing rights, so we ended up re-recording and re-working everything.

What was that process like, how long did it take, have you been working on this for a while?

I've been working on music my entire life, but specifically for this project I waited until my divorce was finalized before starting any online marketing or brand identity. So it's been the last year working on, writing, recording, and producing. I had/have a wealth of inspiration, all I have to do is think about how many times I've been screwed over and taken advantage of, then pick up a pen or a guitar. Because I run my own business, things take a little longer to get done on my music, as my clients who have been paying my bills for the last 8 years, allowing me to pursue music, take priority. But my heart and true passion is in my music, so it just feels so good and gratifying when I get to go into the studio and sing my songs.

When will the next album drop?

Right now the EP is recorded and you can hear the songs online. We are currently in the middle of seeking out major distribution and label support to release the full album, which I'm hoping will drop Spring/Summer 2011.

Tell me about the billboard on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA?

With my last band, I sought to market the album in a way that independent musicians hadn't thought of yet. As a result I ended up being the first band to ever have a billboard on Sunset Blvd. in LA. It was pretty cool, it wrapped 165 feet around the building right next to Sunset-Gower Studios. The funny part was when I went to go see it, the writer's strike was going on, so there were picketers and news crews all over the place right in front of it.

I hear that you are also into fashion?

Yes, I love fashion and I LOVE corsets. I have my own corset and lingerie line, every show I have I wear my signature line.

Do you design and manufacture your own products?

My corsets are made with super high-quality materials, including imported fabrics and industrial grade steel (you gotta be tough to wear one). So I have a manufacturer for that, but we have our own bikini line we're working on getting into production as well and we also offer many other price point options for sexy lingerie.

Where can I find this corset line for purchase?

Go to - a site I designed, and where our products sold.

I hear there is a reality television on the horizon, can you tell me about that?

My show is about my design firm and music pursuit, it's a lot like the Apprentice meets LA Ink. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say at this point. We're in our early stages, but keep your eyes out for it!

What is next for Nicky B Le Grand, and where can people go to find out more?

I'm working on getting the full length album finished and out there, there's the reality show, and then I'll be going on tour. 2011 is going to be a busy busy year! You can go to for the latest updates/news/info/links. - Detroit Free Press


Ok 2 Cross - "Breathe"
Up Yours - Single
Momma's Boy - Single
Mile After Mile - Single
Nicky B. Le Grand EP Coming Soon



Nicky B. Le Grand (25) sings lead vocals, plays the guitar, and bass guitar. She runs her successful Graphic & Web Design Studio (DesignsByBo.Com), and has been for the last 9 years, crafting custom websites and prints for her loyal and grateful, yet demanding and diverse clientele. She does it all, living the dream, with her music, business, clients, corset line and band, where her and her crew live hard, play hard, and rock hard.

Nicky B. is an island beauty who grew up in Hawaii, who has dark long locks and a laid-back attitude but with a drive like a freight train. She gave up the partying years of 16-25 to build her company from the ground up. To her time is money, and when it comes to her business she's demanding, has high-expectations, and very little patience. She always tells it like it is, blunt, straight-forward, and without bull-shit. She recently became the Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine Inc, based in Los Angeles.

Though her multi-cultural background (Chinese/Scottish/English) creates her exotic features, she wasn't always a bombshell, and grew up an angry, musical, rebel fat girl, who was always “one of the guys”. Called a “mermaid” growing up, because she loves the water, body surfing, boogie boarding, anything to do with the ocean and horse-back riding are her absolute favorite things to do when she gets time off (which is rare).

She's been singing since she was a toddler with her musician dad, sang in the church choir and school chorus, played in the school band, took piano, flute and vocal lessons, and had her own rock band in high school when she picked up the guitar and bass.

As strong as they come, she's the director and head bitch in charge. As she says with her design studio and band, “This is not a dictatorship, but it's also not a democracy.” It's because of her relentless efforts that she's the first band to ever have a billboard on Sunset Blvd. in LA. She's talented, witty, charming, intelligent, and determined, but generous and giving to a fault, time and time again, being too nice has constantly backfired on her.

Having been burned so many times by her close friends and overcoming many obstacles is what inspires her songwriting. She comes from a place where people actually treat each other how they want to be treated, with Aloha and respect, that's what she stands for. “I'm half blonde!” Nicky B. loves rock & roll, motorcycles, shooting guns and classic cars.

Nicky's last project was a band she started with her ex-husband Ok 2 Cross. Together for 5 years, they released an album themselves, was nominated for Best Song in 2008 set an advertising record, and disbanded after divorcing.

Nicky's new project is her solo self-titled debut. She's teamed up with producer Nikko Smith (major label producer previously signed 2 EMI & Sony Records). Nikko's written songs 4 Mickey Avalon, Paula Deanda, Katherine McPhee, Jeremy Greene, Rick Ross, R. Kelly & Jay Z and he's worked with producers like Timbaland, Kenny Smooth, & Justin Trugman, helping artists get signed to Bad Boy Records, Def Jam, & Motown.

Nikko's song Up Yours is Nicky B.'s first release. He's producing Nicky B.'s upcoming EP.