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Nick Zuber


Nick Zuber is a classic American singer songwriter in the vein of John Mayer, Jason Mraz, or Brett Dennen. Zuber, 24, from Cleveland, OH mixes originals, tasteful and current covers, humor, and insight into his energetic live show. Armed only with his acoustic guitar and amazing voice he satisfies.


Nick Zuber Bio, By: Nicole Roberge

Nick Zuber would never have gotten his start in music if he hadn’t walked in on his mom playing a John Denver song at his grandmother’s house. We can all be thankful for that moment. The inspiration he got from seeing his mother’s talent caused him to pick up the guitar and start writing and playing music at the age of 18, and he hasn’t stopped since.
Zuber, 24, a singer-songwriter from Cleveland, OH has two simple goals with his music now, and that is simply to convey honesty and creativity. As for being a singer-songwriter, he says, “I think being a singer-songwriter is like being an artist that paints pictures or an architect that builds skyscrapers. You have the guts to create something in the image the way you see it or a sound the way you hear it. A way that you and only you can create it and are willing to let people accept it for the way it is.”
And he does just that.
On his EP, Out On A Limb, Zuber exudes relatable songs that can catch hold of anyone’s heart and mind. An exuberant songwriter, he has a soaring voices that reaches out through the lyrics, leaving you right there with him, knowing what he sings is the truth. Opening the CD is the title track, a soft, candid and heartfelt song, demonstrating the simplicity of how vocals and a guitar can bring about such brilliance in a song. He then shows his eclectic talents on guitar, where he gets a bit jazzy on “I’m Over It,” and jams a little on “San Francisco.”
“Born to Wait” is a gorgeous song, about meeting a love and tragically losing her. Here, he sings, “I’ll be missing you like flowers miss the sun. I’m still breathing but my color has all gone. I wish I tattooed every part of me you kissed.” It is beautiful and poignant and shows the art and craft of a true singer-songwriter, one who can reach into the depths of the heart and bring out a colorful and stunning song.
Zuber continues this pattern with “The Way I Am,” a simply striking song with a magic that touches the core. Lyrics like “I try to trace all the lives I cannot erase” and “Broken hearts we learn to deal with, I got one myself I admit. Maybe your pieces will fit with mine. She said, ‘this is why I am the way I am,’” ring true and are so relatable it makes you wonder how he knew what you have been through.
Zuber ends the CD with the folksy “Just Breathe” and a peppy sound on “Clockwork Pain,” which is definitely a song that no one can resist, just as no one can resist any of his music. “It’s hard to deal with Clockwork pain. Get used to life, and then the pain.”
Out on a Limb spans a year of songwriting from his home studio and songs he recorded in South Carolina. Compared to his other music, he says this EP is more acoustic sounding, but he wanted that organic touch. As for the future, when his full-length comes out, he hopes listeners will then have two different versions of his songs. “I think that’s always nice, that way you can hear the different moods and colors one song can possess.”
The rest of the year, Zuber will continue recording and you can also catch him on tour throughout the U.S. and with Howie Day and others.

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Write Hear LP, The Garden of Constant Sorrow LP, and The Out on a Limb EP (now streaming at

Set List

30 originals mixed in with covers of :
I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
Gravedigger- Dave Matthews
Flake- Jack Johnson
Ring of Fire & Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
Sitting on the Dock of The Bay- Otis Redding
Beautiful- Sean Kingston
Cmon Get Higher- Matt Nathanson
Split Screen Sadness- John Mayer
Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson
Land Down Under- Men At Work