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“Nico Adams is one of the most talented young performers I’ve seen in the last ten years.”

Damion Stein
LIVE LA Magazine and LIVE OC Magazine

“Nico Adams is a refreshing musician who brings catchy lyrics and an authentic sound to the pop genre."

Latarsha Davy-Carroll
DJ Scorpia
U-N-U Radio

“Nico Adams is a bundle of raw talent ready to be molded in to a musical powerhouse. His energy is electric and contagious.”

Steve Sundholm
NightBird Music Studio

“From the first time I heard Nico Adams Voice I knew that he would be a force to be reckoned with as a singer and performer in the entertainment industry. Working with Elton John at a very young age I was lucky enough to be around someone that had that talent. I know that time will engage this young singer and he will propel himself to that status of multiplatinum artist worldwide.”

Andrew Morris
Sound Merchants Management NYC.

“Nico is a lovely package of soul and passion. His love for music along with his talent will take him to the top."

Edwin Benton
Show The Reel Productions
- Various

"Nico Adams"

From the first notes of “Seattle”, the listener might swear this disc is some kind of a Annie Lennox solo work, or an obscure Eurtythmics release at the very least. But then again, Adams, a 25 year old man, lists Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and Prince as primary influences. Thus, a little musical androgyny likely comes with the territory.
Adams may borrow some of his vocal style from Lennox, but he does not incorporate any of the layered synthesizer parts Dave Stewart gleefully piled onto those memorable ‘80s Eurythmics recordings. Instead, Adams prefers to use a whole lot of soulful, acoustic piano. Adams is at his most Elton John-iest during “Not the Love”, which is a thoughtful ballad that brings “Don’t Let the Sun Go down on me” to mind.
On “Tombstone Eyes”, the track features piano, drums, and little else. At times, these arrangements sound like setups for jazz club vocalists – albeit, with soul/R&B songs, rather than jazz standards. And that’s mostly a good thing because Adams is an expressive singer that lets loose and sings all around the melody, and in and out of the rhythm consistently.
Lyrically, Adams can be a little cryptically exotic, as he accuses someone of having tombstone eyes, in a song of the same name. However, “Seattle” tells the pointed tale of someone who can make even the Northwest appear bright and cheery. “...the rain’s not so depressing anymore,” he exclaims. There is also a spiritual element to what Adams does. At one point during “Letter”, he admits, “I’m a Jesus freak living my life in sin.”
“Love on the Money” is slightly funky, but “Rebel Baby Rebel”, with its prominent bass line and dance floor beat, hearkens the disco era. Disco may have gotten a bad rap, when the style was nearly omnipresent back in the ‘70s, but that beat is still irresistible when done right. On this upbeat, dance club ready track, Adams references James “Rebel without a Cause” Dean, and worries about going off the deep end.
This CD may be his first, but its stripped down arrangements are nevertheless a breath of fresh air. Adams is such a fine singer; it would be a shame to have his voice lost in a busy mix. One of the best attributes in Elton John and Stevie Wonder songs is hearing these two distinctive voices. You never hear a John or a Wonder song on the radio and wonder, ‘Well, I wonder who that could be.’ Nope, these two men may have written some of the best songs in pop history, but their vocals are also to the pop charts what fingerprints are to the hands: unique.
With that said, it will be fascinating to hear what Adams can do with a full, supportive studio. Hopefully, he will be assertive enough to be heard loud and clear above all the production bells and whistles. These five songs are the stuff of great potential, without question. Anyone with ears to hear cannot wait to hear what Nico Adams will come up with next.
- Amplifier Magazine


Nico Adams has the kind of voice that will support a career well into old age. On the one hand he swaggers with a youthful neo-soul/pop vibe that makes the girls melt, and on the other he has the presence of a veteran singer/songwriter that has been sharing his tales from behind the ivory for years. His songs “Tombstone Eyes” and “Rebel Baby Rebel” are just itching to storm onto the airwaves. These are the songs that will grab everyone’s attention, while it’s his songs like “Seattle” and “Through the Night” that will solidify a long lasting fan base.

“Tombstone Eyes” is a hit single waiting in the wings. With catchy hooks and a title that was made to be quoted, this song makes for a great introduction to the modern funk vibes of Nico Adams. This vibe is only further fortified by his song “Rebel Baby Rebel”; a sexy little song just begging to be made into a music video. With the right push, both of these songs could rapidly climb the iTunes singles charts.

It’s songs like “Seattle”, “Through the Night” and “Not the Love” that have staying power though. These are the songs that will capture people’s hearts. Nico Adams credits Elton John as one of his influences and that becomes very apparent in both songs. “Not the Love” in particular tonally puts me in mind of a more reserved version of Elton’s “Rocket Man,” but with more of a current flair. I could easily see this song being featured on a television series like Grey's Anatomy, right along side the likes of Ingrid Michaelson and The Fray.

With songs rich in imagery that weave effortlessly between smooth melodies and soulful pop grooves, Nico Adams has a future in the music industry that could potentially last for generations to come.
- Zack Daggy


Nico Adams EP - May 2009
Nico Adams - August 2011



Nico Adams is a colorful, high-energy, and multi-faceted pop rock musician: composer, arranger, lyricist, poet, storyteller, pianist, singer, and natural performer both behind the piano and on stage.

Nico exhibited his natural talent at a very young age. At six years old, as he listened to the music video of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, he was totally captivated by what he heard and saw. It was incredible that a six-year-old could study the lyrics and choreography in their entirety and then perform with personal command, presence and charisma. Nico performed in musicals from his elementary through high school years. In college he was a lead actor in a theatre troupe, performing throughout the Midwest and the South. From his young age to the present, Nico greatly enjoys the study of character and Shakespeare’s dictum rings true for him, “life is but a stage”.

It was in high school that he discovered his love for the piano. Nico took to the piano like a fish does to water. He is self-taught and self-directed, and is truly someone who walks to the beat of his own drum. In no time, Nico was writing his own original work. Being influenced by his generation’s style of music, Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem, Nico’s first songs were Christian and secular rap. He would perform at church with the youth group. He began writing ballads and exploring the complexity of his instrument. He performed at school and at local coffee shops. He sang in many different school choirs, and was honored to become the lead singer and keyboardist for the high school’s first sponsored rock band. Nico continued to delve into the potential of his own original music, broadening his own expression with influences of artists like David Bowie, Elton John, Prince and Michael Jackson.

Nico attended college in the Midwest, but during his years there, he found himself writing and playing his piano more than time spent studying. He realized that for him, life’s lessons were being expressed through the passion of his piano and poetry. He knew he needed to pursue what was driving him – his love to write, play his piano and perform. It was at this crucial juncture that fate would supply the right timing. Nico’s only sister, Christine, had just graduated from College. She proposed that she manage his music career. Her own passion for music and business, coupled with Nico’s musical talent has made an awesome partnership.

Together they moved to the Austin, Texas greater area. Soon after moving, Nico founded a band. Within a month, Nico and his band were performing his original music throughout the Austin and San Antonio area. They have played at such venues as The Troubadour, MoMo’s and The Saxon Pub on Sixth Street, The Red Room, Rebar, Oasis lounge and The Cove in San Antonio River Walk.

Knowing that Los Angeles would eventually be the next step for Nico’s career; Christine moved to southern California and sought out work in the music industry. Nico moved to southern California soon after, where he completed his album with producer Steve Sundholm in West Hollywood. His music is available on iTunes and his album was just released in August 2011. He continues to write and record music as he has developed into a musician whose sound has become truly and distinctly his own.

Nico’s music is filled with themes, poetry, stories and characters, covering different avenues of life. His sound is energetic, soulful, and playful, yet his lyrics speak of the human heart; loved gained and love lost, filled and broken. Nico has the incredible talent to intertwine the lightness of pop with the intensity of a rapper or the depth of a balladeer.

Nico’s journey has brought him back to the place where he began: from the west coast to the heartland to the hill country and back again. Nico Adams and his ensemble: female vocalist Christine, DJ Orio and Lorne Ahmed his drummer are already rocking the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego scenes, playing venues such as Key Club and Palms Bar in West Hollywood, California State University Long Beach, The Irvine Spectrum Center and Giant Orange Festival, as one of the opening acts for Lil’ Jon (