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Nico and Christine


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""...package of soul and passion.""

“Nico is a lovely package of soul and passion. His love for music along with his talent will take him to the top.” - Edwin Benton, Writer/Director/Producer - Show The Reel Productions

""...a refreshing musician...""

“Nico Adams is a refreshing musician who brings catchy lyrics and an authentic sound to the pop genre.” - Latarsha Davy-Carroll, DJ Scorpia - U-N-U Radio

""...a bundle of raw talent...""

“Nico Adams is a bundle of raw talent ready to be molded in to a musical powerhouse. His energy is electric and contagious.” - Steve Sundholm, Producer - NightBird Music Studio

""...status of multiplatinum artist worldwide...""

“Working with Elton John at a very young age I was lucky enough to be around someone that had the same level as talent as Nico. I know that time will engage this young singer and he will propel himself to that status of multiplatinum artist worldwide.” - Andrew Morris, Manager - Sound Merchants Management NYC

"" electrifying performer...""

“Christine Olivier is an electrifying performer who engages her fans. Her songs set a high standard for pop music. ” - Damien Stein, LIVE OC Magazine

"" of the most talented...""

“Nico Adams is one of the most talented young performers I’ve seen in the last ten years.” - Damion Stein, Owner - OC LIVE MAGAZINE


Nico Adams EP - May 2009
Nico Adams self-titled album - August 2011
Christine Olivier self-titled album - August 2011
Nico Adams Downtown Single 2012
Nico Adams Remix Release 2013
Christine Olivier Remix Release 2013
Nico Adams 2nd album set to release March 2014
Christine Olivier 2nd album set to release May 2014



Nico Adams and Christine Olivier are brother and sister pop artists who have been on National radio for the last eight week for the song "Downtown". This music video has recently reached 2.5 million views on YouTube

Nico is a piano driven Pop rocker, full of soul and dance ability. He is influenced by his music idols Elvis Presley, Elton John and Michael Jackson. Christine’s electronic Pop is deeply influenced by beloved Pop Queens Blondie and Madonna, as well as her favorite Band ABBA.

They do not remember a time without music. Their father is a pastor who actively sings and writes music, so they frequently sang special music during the church services and on occasion the entire family would sing four part harmonies. Throughout their elementary, junior high and high school years they performed in musicals, select choirs and vocal competitions. Their mother was in a Jazz dance troupe and acted in her younger years, which carried on to teaching at home. They have video footage of them practicing dance moves before they could even talk.

When Christine graduated college, she found herself led right back to music. She initially approached Nico with the idea of managing his music career. The two were excited about this prospect and were mentally prepared for this very long-term commitment. Christine moved to Los Angeles to acquire as much knowledge as she could about the music business while Nico performed all over Texas, gaining fans, experience and writing music.

Through this journey, Nico encouraged Christine to sing and dance again. Together they have written songs, perform all over Southern California, tour colleges across the west coast and continue to work on the business together. They have a very unique and dynamic performance and relationship. "My brother and I have made an awesome team, because as I raise him up and help him navigate the business side of things, he, on the other hand, has lifted me up and brought me back to the creative side, allowing me to explore music again and express myself as an artist. I am proud and excited to perform and tour with my brother."
Nico Adams and Christine Olivier perform with DJ Orio and Gustin Flaig and can provide anywhere from 1-3 hours of entertainment.