Nico D

Nico D



On the rise

Nico D, alias Nicolas Albert Holter, has had a more international upbringing than most. He was born in Paris 27 years ago and moved frequently from country to country with his family before settling down in Oslo, Norway.

Considerable exposure to widely different cultures has definitely characterized Nico's musical preferences. It's reggae thats closest to his heart, though, and thus pervades his original, passionate singing.

Almost six years ago Nico D decided to pursue a musical carreer full-time, featuring on several hits in Norway, touring the country many times, playing at many festivals (Oya, Quart, Traena, Manefestivalen and more...). Nico performed several times at the Oslo City Hall Square and its annual VG Topp 20 concert (official Norwegian hitlist), with its record breaking crowds of up to 100,000 people. His music has also taken him abroad, to Sweden, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, United States and Chile.

His ambition, though, has always been always to create a link to Jamaica, and in 2008 Nico met Jah Mason in Oslo. This encounter resulted in the making of their hit combination �Ruff Times�, now playing on Jamaican airwaves.

Nico D is on the rise, working on his debut album, featuring Jah Mason, The Congos, Admiral P and more. Look out for the new videos, �Ruff Times�, featuring Jah Mason, directed by Damion Brown.