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Nicole Alexandra



Nicole Alexandra is a singer/songwriter and recent graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Born in Boston, MA, Nicole demonstrated a passion for music at an early age. At seven she started her formal music education, beginning classical piano and three years after, picking up the violin. Practicing diligently, her efforts were rewarded at age twelve when Nicole, then living in Charlottesville, VA, won the CMTA-YOCA piano concerto competition performing Mozart’s Concerto #21. In middle school Nicole joined the school’s choir where she found her passion for singing. As a teenager she spent her time writing, recording and performing live shows. In addition, Nicole has been teaching private piano, violin and voice lessons for the last seven years.

At seventeen she released her first album titled ‘Still Dreaming.” Drawing from a diverse list of genres – soul, pop, gospel and electronic music– Nicole incorporates both the piano and the violin on stage. Nicole is in the process of recording her second album. The majority of Nicole’s inspiration comes from a deep well of personal struggles she experienced in relationships. Her songwriting has always been a “huge part of my healing process.” She hopes her lyrics offer solace to those who have also experienced and overcome struggles. Her rich, soulful vocal style radiates a warmth of spirit that mends the broken heart. Nicole crafts an authentic and sincere sound that appeals across stylistic boundaries.


Can't Bring Myself to Leave

Written By: Nicole Alexandra

Verse 1:
I’m wasting my time away
I let you get the best of me
And now that you’re in control
I’m just a puppet on a string
You can make me do anything

How did I let this spiral out of control?
Never thought this would happen to me
But you seem to hold the key to my soul
You’re vital to me, like the air that I breathe

Pre Chorus:
Endless fighting
You won’t give in
No use in trying
You always win

You’ve taken over
And I can’t relax ‘til I get my power back
I need to find strength
Build my guard back up for this crazy love
Woah, woah though I know you’re no good for me
Woah woah, I can’t bring myself to leave

Verse 2:
What started out as a fair game
Quickly lead me down the road of insane
You toy with my emotions
You know you do

No more denying
I fell too hard
I can’t turn back now
You’ve seen all my cards


Too much, for far too long
I’ve been under your spell
Well I will no longer continue to buy into the lies you sell


Dark Moon

Written By: Nicole Alexandra

Verse 1:
What if we gave up
Way too soon to see
The synchronicity
Of our two hearts beating

I’m chasing after your heart
But it’s out of my grasp
How can the one you need leave so fast?

Pre Chorus:
I still believe in you with each fall of the sun
Don’t leave me hanging here

Helplessly I hold on to you
Completely wishing on my lucky star
While your drifting off so far
You’re fading too soon
Like a dark moon

Verse 2:
The magic that we shared
Will not release this heart
The traces you left me with
Make these cold nights so hard

Don’t you shut me out
Don’t you walk away
I can't live if my soul is stuck in yesterday

Pre Chorus:
I still believe in us with each fall of the sun
Don’t leave me hanging here

Helplessly I hold on to you
Completely wishing on my lucky star
While your drifting off so far
You’re fading too soon
Like the dark moon


Written By: Nicole Alexandra

Everybody's trying to make, tryin’ to make me
Into something I am not, no I could never be
Constantly yearning for when I was carefree
I miss those days when I believed

No storm could phase me, I swore I'd never lose my peace
But years take a toll on a soul, I see my vision of light decrease
Will my dreams ever be achieved?
I miss those days when I believed

If I could turn back time
To hold on to hope and make it mine
I'd do anything to get back my life
To recapture the feeling
When I would trust despite the cards dealing

I sit alone dwelling on how I've lived, so unimpressed
But what ever happened to my child like innocence
If I could find a way to retrieve
Those days when I would say I believe