Within a short time Nicole Blanco, "the Latina Sade/Dido type" has done what is difficult for many musicians to achieve in a lifetime, but you’d never know it by talking with her, "It all just kind of happened, so I’m just going with it". You’ll find her attitude is very nonchalant considering that in only two years of playing music publicly she has amassed an impressive repertoire of original songs, refined her craft as a pianist, taught herself to play guitar, has played gigs in clubs and lounges in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Nicole Blanco is a rare find in the music industry. Her music and onstage personality has a vulnerability that keeps her audience enraptured. Her deft piano playing lays the canvas for her unique vocal stylings to paint landscapes of love-loss, heartache, celebration of the spirit and hope.

It is Nicole’s songwriting however, that truly sets her apart from the pack of dime-a-dozen lounge singers. Rare is it, indeed to find someone with her depth of emotion who is able to alchemize it miraculously into bittersweet melodies that span the musical spectrum from pop, world, salsa, electronica to 70s NYC East Village folk. The overwhelming positive response and interest in her music, which she is currently recording in the studio is a tribute to her ability to make genuinely well-crafted and very listenable music. And she sings in Spanish also!

To see Nicole Blanco perform live is to fall in love with Nicole Blanco. Her music evokes a trust and childish glee from her audience the feeling that you’re reading a dear friends journal entry by flashlight under a childs tent. It is in this atmosphere where the subtlety and tenderness of her lyrics find space to grow and dawn on the minds of all-too-willing listeners.

Nicole Blanco is an original. Those who experience her live or hear her music may draw comparisons to other piano and acoustic guitar-based musicians such as Fiona Apple, Alicia Keys, Dido, Sade, and Norah Jones. These comparisons, however, flattering they may be, are made by those who are unable to accept a new musical force for exactly what it is - new.

Nicole Blanco is a star. She may be an unlikely star whos not full of herself, pretense, angst or any of the other unfortunate characteristics that too-frequently accompany stardom. She is a star that the music world needs desperately. A star who is unafraid to communicate the pain of being alive and the hope that belongs to those few of tremendous spirit. And stars of this caliber don't come around often.


Consolation Prize (I'm Not Your)

Written By: Nicole Blanco

My self-esteem's dragging defeat, but I won't let it get to me. You just made me believe that you were too good for me.
And if honesty's my fault, convict me--why don't you all?
And let the cops drag me away.
Truth is--don't need you anyways. I'm satisfaction guaranteed.

I'm not your, I'm not your Consolation Prize.
I'm not your, I'm not your Consolation.
I"m not your, I'm not your Consolation Prize. No, no.

I thought I'd scratch your back if you'd scratch mine. But it was just a waste of time. Though nothing comes with a warranty even if you don't expect anything. At least I say what I mean.
I'm satisfaction guaranteed.


Asking Venus

Written By: Nicole Blanco

I let myself get carried away for a couple of days.
I got caught up in driftin’ off in the sunshine’s gaze.
I let myself just wander off into the Milky Way
I let myself be mesmerized by the solar skies
Askin’ venus for advice
Askin’ venus for advice
Why ayayay

Some People just do it to you, do it to you
Some People just give it to you, give it to you
Some people just do it to you, do it to you
Sometimes you’ll never know why yayayaya yay yay ya ya ya ya

I let you so easily sink right in.
Throughout my thoughts you had been travellin’
Like a fairytale lost in the wind
I had felt you right beneath my skin
On my dreamboat you were the co-captain
Still askin’ venus for advice
Askin’ venus for advice
Askin’ venus for advice
Why ayayay

CHORUS repeats

Whyyayayayayay X4

Days beyond me where I had been feelin’
Rays above me where I wander, dreamin’
Speeds of light where I just ponder—beamin', ahh.

Venus, Venus, Venus, Venus
Askin’ Venus for advice,
Askin’ Venus for advice

CHORUS repeats to outro

Set List

(Not Your) Consolation Prize
You Are Beautiful Love
Before the Landslide
Oh Boy
Asking Venus
Lose Control
Being Hooked on You
Got No Reason
Keep My Cool
Another Side
Tossin' and Turnin'
Desert Song