Nicole Campbell

Nicole Campbell


Seasoned songwriting with the vocal prowess to back the hype. Plaintive moody songstress or bigger than life rock band, whatever the gig requires. Intensely supple vocals, excellent stage presence and miles and miles of charm!


Did you ever stop to wonder about the in-between moments? The ones that disappear so quickly after they have occurred that their memories are left a bit shadowy. Like the instant before you kiss someone for the first time. The gleam in their eye, the tilt of their head, the simple chemistry brewing in a way that makes you hope they kiss as good as they look. That's when you should take a long deep breath and calculate history as it's about to shift. Nicole Campbell knows this moment.

Out of these depths of human existence, a powerful voice rises, captivating in its sincerity, and steeped in emotion. From the opening strains of one of her songs, it is evident that Nicole Campbell is unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve. Transcending the one-dimensional singer/songwriter label, Campbell weaves rich melodic tapestries with candid lyricism, spellbinding in their intimacy and stark honesty. Her intricate narratives of love and desire intuitively express the innermost delicacies of relationships. Draped in the warmth of ease and familiarity, the listener feels soothed by the musical caress of someone who truly understands.

Currently Campbell is working on a new full length CD in a very intimate & stripped down setting. Employing a face to face approach to best showcase the vibrant intimacy in her songs and the voice that tells their story.

In support of her musical endeavors, Campbell tours primarily in house concerts giving the usual cynics a well earned surprise and the true believers just what they need. Her disturbingly charming stage presence has her well known for tempering her glowing rock with raucous wit and superb musicianship.


fiR - former band "Ivan's Wish"
"Nicole Campbell" - Self titled EP
"Little Voice" - first solo CD
"Songs from the Red Room" - CD
"Arm's Distance" - CD

streaming audio of most of these at

Set List

10 song set - 50 minutes. 1 or 2 covers per set.