Nicole Eitner and the Citizens
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Nicole Eitner and the Citizens

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | SELF

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal | SELF
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Pop Alternative




"Nicole Eitner booked by MIDEM"

Nicole Eitner brought a mysterious fusion of modern classical, pop and jazz to Cannes last month. This German gal now calls Lisbon her home, but she was able to rally her fans from all over and earn her way to midem. "I think honesty and simplicity always win", Eitner shared. "Fans like to read successes, even little ones". With plans for a new album and tour sounds like Eitner's fans should be hearing a lot more about success in 2012. -

"A Portuguese Fiona Apple"

Nicole Eitner opened the night (for Joan as Police woman), a lady to mention. Not avoiding any risk in a very secure area and with a winning attitude, this Portuguese Fiona Apple showed us a feminine pop music, bathed in a magisterial voice. (...) - Ponto Alternativo (translated)

"Nicole and Sara at Sintra Misty Festival"

Nicole Eitner returned to Sintra Misty and showed again her excellent voice, her empathy that works on stage with her musicians and with the audience and her musical capacity that touches emotionally the ones who listen and watch.

Nicole, owner of a restless and adventurous spirit, is building and enthusiastic audience that vibrates with her. (...)

(translation) - Hardmusica Journal

"With her second album under her own name, Nicole Eitner seeks to sublime the everyday life in an unpretentious album full of ambition."

March 25, 2011
Disco Digital, Davide Vasconcelos
“I am You”, Nicole Eitner and the Citizens

Her solo path has nothing to do with a familiar or an agglutinate pop idea. Not saying that this German living for long in Portugal doesn’t want to point out in her songs life as a maximum, as it is her inspiration, but this is an album of independence.
Those intercrossed lines created common stories, treated thoroughly by someone who demands excellence of every single note. This reflects in writing that one would have to classify, due to practice, simply as “songwriter”, but not in a folk style - more as the black and white of the piano keys.
In this album we are taken from the combative Joan as Police Woman to the sensibility of a Rufus Wainwright and end in the despair of Trent Reznor. “I am You” is both the fragility of life and its sublimation in love stories portraying a common day-by-day to the most sentimental of the mortals.
Nicole Eitner reflects on simplicity without assuming her own ambitions as a fighter. “I am You” are reports with the destination to create proximity to those who don’t deny melancholy. Not suggesting any political changes, Nicole defends the ideology of affection.
“I am You”
Uguru/ Iplay
- Disco Digital (translated)

"SXSW Webbchange WINNER 2009"

Nicole is one of the highest quality artists on Dawgrecords original acoustic music with brilliant songwriting that is proving to have international appeal ‘ - Dawg Records

"SongDoor International Songwriting Competition 2008"

SongDoor 2008 International Songwriting Competition
Evaluation For: Nicole Eitner
Song: Love and Melodies
Scoring: 8 out of 10

Each item is assessed on a scale from 1 -10, with 1 being a strong “no,” 5
being average, and 10 being “absolutely yes.” (Note that a 10 is reserved for true
excellence.) The comments are the combined opinions of multiple judges.
Comments: Strong melodies, interesting chord changes, some pretty clever lyrics in there. :-)
You have a good grasp on structuring a song properly. Great work making the chorus and
verse melodies stand apart, with nice, smooth transitions. You know the melody is a good
one when you can't get it out of your head. Excellent job there. Very well done! - SongDoor

"Nicole Eitner - the singer-songwriter and pianist"

"Without any fear to espose and to confront, Nicole Eitner's music transports us to another universe!" - Beat Generation @

"Disco Digital"

"Vampires", Nicole Eitner

Half way between Jazz and Pop, "Vampires" is the first album by Nicole Eitner. Ten original songs and two cover versions compose this interesting release of a songwriter to keep in mind.

First seen in concert, now the album "Vampires" appears in every showcase, Nicole Eitner's first solo album. The German, radicated in Portugal, is ideologically a close figure to names like Kate Bush and Liz Fraser. Musically, though, jazz might be the most related sonority of this composer and piano player, accompanied here by double bass and violin.

Nicole composed, interpreted and produced the whole album, which proofs a genuine and uncommon surrender to art, a factor that puts "Vampires" on a podium. The compositions leave space for more ideas to expand, but truth is, that she gathered in this album a hand full of excelent songs that put banality completely aside.

Special mention on the two cover versions on this album: "love is a better word" (originally from Rainbirds) and "You spin me 'round" (by Dead or Alive) - two of the best moments of a release that puts the name Nicole Eitner in your mind. And that is not bad at all.
- Pedro Figueiredo

"The German/ Portuguese Diva"

The German/ Portuguese diva of Jazz and cool pop music. A grand and unusual voice that melts Nicole's songs. Original songs with uncommon details. (...)

time out Lisbon / 04-02-2008 nº 27 - Time Out Lisbon

"Review on the song WITNESS"


What a stunningly enchanting production this is in every way. So hard to place this creation because it is quite unique but probably it could be enjoyed equally by lovers of Classical, Rock Opera, Psychedelia or even New age or Folk because the female singer has the soft, sweet voice of a Celtic chantreuse

Everything about Witness is precise and as delicate as a butterfly alighting on water or leaving its tiny imprint on a freshly iced cake. There is a clarity and resonance which rings out as special.

The deftly played piano welcomes the listener and promotes a feeling of anticipation for something good to follow - stringed instruments act as a support to the vocal message, simple and clear "You're so beautiful" - There are passages of whimsy that stop you in your tracks, a section where each word in struck with a thumping pulse to emphasize the emotion "Let me be a witness to your life" The slightest drum roll lingers in the background.

What a carefree abandonment there is to this whole flavoursome composition. The image created is of fairy-like poses to the dancing rhythm, imagine flailing arms and a toss of the head, a spinning, skipping lift that is so spiritually uplifting. But this song also has strength, it grows with an urgent intensity, it peaks with a chorus section as its flower blossoms proudly. Indeed this is a celebration of beauty, exquisitely performed. A stand alone song that should be heard by any aspiring artist as an example of perfection.


Witness by Nicole Eitner starts with exquisite simplicity as the singer and piano quickly fall into a groove. I immediately enjoy the quirky orchestral elements and it doesn't take long for the song to become a varied suite that meanders from part to unique part. While first I was a bit disoriented by this dazzling display of diversity, once I knew what to expect I went along for the ride and it was fabulous. I was loving it from about 2:30 on and then it ended so quickly and perfectly, I actually had a physiological reaction a k a goosebumps - majorly disappointed that the song was over (but that's a good thing) and when I looked again at the length of the song I simply could not believe that 3:33 had passed, I was certain the song was 2 minutes or less. Anyway some songs catch you by surprise and Witness left me in a bit of a state. I had to go back and hear every word and figure out what it was all about. When I did I realized I had to give extra kudos to the backing arrangement. It's not that this song was completely without flaws, it's that it was downright daring and the parts that smacked you upside the head overwhelmed any critical impulse. This performer is capable of wowing any scene, and I hope I get to witness that.

- Scrutinears

"An expressive roller coaster"

(...) the German singer, pianist and composer that was born in Germany but chose to live in Portugal. She released her album "Vampires" this year (...) full of particular and strong songs that launch you on an expressive mini roller-coaster between classic and jazz, sometimes passing through the exceptional voices of Liz Fraser and Kate Bush (...) - Time Out Lisbon


Vampires, 2007, Independent Records

I am You, 2011, Iplay Portugal

Fade to Shade, 2014, unsigned, self-distributed




Disarming, direct, powerful and cinematically breathtaking - a passionate fusion of alternative pop, modern classical and a touch of jazz. Simple signs of a passion for life that lie in a both sweet and daring voice translated into audacious songs sprinkled with mystery. Definitely a band to be seen LIVE!

(Nicole also performs as a solo act - piano and voice)

The band released the third album "Fade to Shade" on May 8 2015 in Lisbon (digital worldwide).


* Semi - Finalist in the ISC International Songwriting Competition 2012 with the song "Witness of your Life", category : folk/ singer-songwriter

* Semi-Finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2012 with the song "Witness of your life" in the categories "acoustic folk and "love songs"

* The album "I am You" chosen as soundtrack for a documentary film about Lisbon 2012 by the Dutch filmmaker Lars Siemens

* WINNER of the SongDoor 2011 International Songwriting
Contest, category: POP with the song "Witness of Your Life"

* Nicole Eitner was one of the 3 MIDEM OFF CONTEST WINNERS 2012 and went to play in Cannes/ France

* Nicole Eitner opened for Joan as Police Woman on their tour in Portugal, 2011

* Nicole Eitner was chosen to be member of the jury for 2011' "Cascais CoolJazzTalents" Festival;

* Nicole Eitner opened for SUZANNE VEGA in July 2009 in Sintra/Portugal;

* WINNER of the 2009 SXSW Webbchange Hottest Band Competition!

*"Semi-Finalist" award in the UK Songwriting Contest for the songs "Fortune Tango", "Energy Vampires", "Experience of a grown-up child" and "Dinner 41".

* Nicole Eitner and the Citizens were the chosen band to play at the "Hollywood Oscar Gala" 2009 in Lisbon/ Portugal.

Nicole Eitners first recorded solo, Vampires, dates back to 2007. Already then Nicole claimed a profound originality in this work, which allowed her to use the disparate influences of artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Kate Bush, Elizabeth Fraser, David Sylvian or Depeche Mode to create an original sound, deep and full of personality. A sound where her piano skills stand out, enabling her to create disarmingly personal romantic songs. Thanks to this record Nicole was chosen to integrate a national "embassy" at the North-American South By Southwest festival in March 2009. Nicole was awarded first prize in the SXSW Webbchange Hottest Band Competition with the result in a recording session in the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis.
At a Suzanne Vega concert at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval in Sintra/ Portugal Nicole revealed her charms, showing everyone that she possesses a unique voice and artistic vision.
Nicole Eitner and the Citizens released the second album in March 2011, when they were the opening act for Joan as Policewoman's tour in Portugal. With that album they were chosen to play at MIDEM conference in Cannes last year and won several songwriting contests in the UK and the US.
More recently they opened for Perry Blake in Lisbon. After an extended tour in Portugal their third album is coming out in 2014.

Music that flows along an extensive role of influences, which are truly just simple signs of a passion that lies in her voice, at her fingertips and that translates itself into audacious songs sprinkled with magic and mystery.

Nicole began her singing career at the age of 16 with a
Portuguese band called "Delfins". They reached number one
in Portugal in 1997 with 12 platinum records being the
Portuguese band with the most sold records ever in
Portuguese music history.

The band had reached a 20 year career when Nicole
decided to take her own way in another musical direction...with her first solo album "Vampires", 2007.

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