Nicole Nelson

Nicole Nelson


Every once in a great while, an artist comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. With an expressive multi-octave voice and lyrics spoken straight from the soul, expect Nicole Nelson to knock the wind out of anyone within listening range.


Nicole Nelson proves herself to be every bit as ground breaking as her many influences. Evoking a sound that is wise beyond her years, she delivers blues, R&B, rock, and classic soul with the kind of passion that changes the listener. Hurts and heals.

Possessing a natural voice that can swoop from the most delicate whisper to an explosion of soulful passion, Nicole stands upon the shoulders of the all-time greats while forging her own way toward music history.

Born in Brooklyn, NY into a very artistic family, Ms Nelson was raised by an Irish & Norwegian American Father, and a Trinidadian born mother. Having grown up in the midst of one of the world’s richest cultural melting pots, Nicole found herself deeply in love with the music, fine art, literature and poetry, which always surrounded her. It was there that she began weaving the threads of the great classics into a tapestry of her own style; unmistakably fresh and new.

Often compared to the likes of Eva Cassidy, Donny Hathaway, Gladys Knight, & Erykah Badu, it seems that Nicole’s sound is well interpreted by both young and old, black and white and everyone in between. Her music is familiar like your favorite song, and at the same time, like nothing you’ve ever heard before.

With a recent move to back to New York City, Nicole finds herself again in the very place that set her creative force in motion. A change that is evident by the new shades of complexity in her music, the depth of her voice, her songs. As todays turbulent music industry thrashes and grasps for the "next big thing" it seems that it is only a matter of time before someone shines a very bright light on this very gifted young woman.


Don't Let Me Fall

Written By: Nicole Nelson

Thoughts come in- and they go out
and I remember when
I thought that they
might take me down
oh- but never again-

I think I'll show you
I will hold you always-
But there will be those days-
You'll blink and find
That time has bound me to the blaze
and I will need your ways

So don't let me fall away
oh, don't you let me fall

Breathing out and breathing in
Is getting easy again-
You lift so much of the burden I've been carrying
So let me promise you then
I will be your Queen
and all I ask is when
you ever come upon me wandering-
Somewhere in between

Just don't let me fall away
Oh, don't you let me fall

Thoughts come in and they go out-
but I will never complain
Cuz you can dance your way around a drop of rain
in this Hurricain, boy
I think we'll find- that you and I
can make a run this time-
and if we read the signs we'll
Stop or Go
Fast or Slow
depending on the tides-
And if you can read my mind boy-

Don't let me fall away
Oh don't you let me fall

Thoughts come in-
And they go out.

The Road

Written By: Nicole Nelson

Taking my time
Watching the wind
Reading my signs
Waiting to begin

But who knows where the road is going?
and who knows when to slow it down?

Trusting these sounds
they tought me every thing I know
breaking new ground
but I still can't help but wondering

Cuz who know's where the road is going?
and who know when to slow it down?

Bracing for a fall
not really shure I know how to land
but I am not afraid
no- not these days
and we really don't need to understand

Cuz who know's where the road is going?
and who know when to slow it down?


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