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"In my head-Review"

If you long for the days of singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Janis Ian, with a touch of Dar Williams thrown in for good measure, then you will enjoy Nicole Ockmond's release. Nicole wrote all the songs, except "Winter Rain" and "False Street" which she co-wrote. Nicole says, "Most of what I write about comes directly from my own life, with a little artistic license thrown in of course. I've always loved lyrics. I want my songs to be about things that I actually think and feel. I would like to think that the listener can see themselves in my songs."

Patty Griffin once said that the best songs are the ones that when you hear them, you think they were written just for you, and nobody else. Nicole catches this sentiment on her new release.

Nicole put together twelve tracks that are a little slice of life. The instrumentation is sparse and to say the CD is mellow may be a bit of an understatement
This is a great late night disc, or perfect with your Sunday morning coffee and New York Times. While the title track, "Alone," may lead one to believe we are in for a heartbreaker, it is a song of freedom and realizing what is possible when there's, "no one else to worry about/no one else to teach."

"False Street" is the song of a mother enduring abuse at the hands of her husband and the daughter trying to remain invisible so as not to incur the abuse. Even with such weighty subject matter the protagonist dreams of freedom, turning this into a positive song. The child is now grown, and though the memories remain she has worked through much of the pain.

The title track, "In My Head," is a beautiful love song, and one brides could easily consider for a first dance at their wedding reception. All the tracks on the release warrant attention and interpretation, but space and time force me to leave it up to you to analyze the remainder.
This CD makes a nice addition to any acoustic collection, thoughtful, and thought provoking songs.
Dennis Halsey
The Best Female Musicians
- The Best Female Musicians

"The Nicole Ockmond Band-CD Release Party Review"

Nicole Ockmond, New Orleans newest blonde with a guitar, performed songs from her new album "In my head" Saturday at Hard Rock Cafe. She also threw the crowd for a loop by performing a brand new song entitled "Survival Instinct" that was not on the album.
When I walked up the stairs of Hard Rock Cafe, I could hear the mellow sound of Nicole's voice. Other than a few snare taps, though, I wasn't sure if the rest of the band showed up. She was, in fact, accompanied by Mike Barras on drums, Kristen Jensen on violin, Josh Kirin on bass, and Don Williams on guitar.
Nicole's songwriting skills reflect the depth and purpose of some of the more notable female singer/songwriters of the mid 90's, teetering somewhere between Sarah McLaughlin and Jewel.
The song "Because", which they played near the end of the set, gave everyone a chance to loosen up (one young couple was repeatedly moved to slow dance across the floor). The baseline was fluid and expressive, a definite contrast to the previous collage of whole and half notes. The drums even kicked it up a notch with a more driving and constant beat.
"The Raven", another end of the set surprise, was a little more uplifting and carefree. The violin seemed to lend an almost Celtic feel to the song. The roaming vocals, strong violin line, and more focused baseline gave my spirit a little more hope for the future.
Nicole Ockmond and band were ultimately a show worth seeing.
Amena Bloom, -


In my head- released 2003. All 12 tracks available for download on most major download sites ie: itunes, rhapsody, netmusic, sonyconnect, emusic, etc.



The Nicole Ockmond trio have been performing together for a little over 3 years. Nicole is the singer songwriter and these gentlemen are the best musicians a girl could ask for. "I'm so lucky to have them as friends and bandmates. Together we have a sound that is really beautiful".

We are currently in the studio working on our 2nd CD again recorded in Pro Tools. The CD will be released in the spring 2010.

"The songs that I write are basically folk/pop but they take on a whole new dimension when these guys get a hold of them. We all have so many different influences and I think everyone brings something unique and vital to the music that we make together".

What is the one philosophy that drives Nicole? She believes that no matter where you go, you can always enjoy the simple pleasure of a good song. At home, driving in your car, out with friends, or perhaps in some foreign land, your favorite song can greet you like an old friend. After all, music transcends all cultural boundaries, it can blur the lines between race, religion, age, & politics.

As a child, Nicole Ockmond listened to the music of her siblings, parents, & grandparents. Exposure to all of these different types of music helped to shape her own eclectic taste in music.

Searching for a way to pay for college, Nicole joined the Army National Guard. She discovered her talent for singing while in boot camp. Her voice helped her to escape the mental and physical demands of the training. The drill sergeant told her she should be singing with a band back in New Orleans.

When she returned home, a friend mentioned that his band was looking for a singer. She auditioned and got the job. While in this band, Nicole decided that music was the perfect vehicle to transport her ideas about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. After the band broke up she learned how to play guitar, write her own songs, produce & record her music, & Nicole started her own independent record label, Emovere Recordings as a way to release the music to the public.

Nicole has applied the knowledge she learned as an intern at Ultrasonic Studios. As a quiet observer she learned the ins & outs of the recording process. She set high standards for her music and never compromised. She selected the best musicians (Mike Barras-Drums{Joe Crown Organ Combo , Mulebone, Beatin Path}, Benji/Bass{Mulebone}, John Gros/Keys{Papa Grows Funk, George Porter & the Runnin' Pardners} Lu Rojas/Guitar{Twangorama} & recording engineer (Steve Reynolds/ Ultrasonic Studios, Inc.)to work with. They set the standard that she would have to match. The basic tracks were recorded in 2 days but it would take Nicole & Steve Reynolds almost 2 years to overdub her vocals/guitar & mix/master the project.

All these efforts were made so that Nicole could release her debut recording In My Head. There are so many artists to choose from, but if you like your music to be from the heart, soul, & mind, Nicole has gone to extraordinary efforts to ensure that In My Head is the best possible recording. The quality begins at first listen.