Nicole Paradiso

Nicole Paradiso

 West Jordan, Utah, USA

Nicole Paradiso is the REAL DEAL in rock. A serious songwriter, singer, guitarist and keyboardist, she will knock you off your feet when you see her perform, hear her dynamic voice, experience her deep songwriting, witness her killer playing, and get rocked by her all star band.


Make no mistake about it, Nicole Paradiso and her band are the real deal. The show they put on is without a doubt impressive and exciting. Nicole's guitar playing has been described by Brad Tolinski, chief editor of GUITAR WORLD Magazine, as follows,"Nicole lays down rhythm guitar like a man. The Donnas don't even do that. The only other girl I've seen do that was Joan Jett." But it's Nicole's dynamic voice and stage presence that steal every show and win the hearts of the people. Her talent is undeniable. "(Nicole's)...distinctive voice and intriguing songwriting make for compelling listening."-MUSIC CONNECTION magazine. Nicole's training includes being a classically trained pianist from the age of 5, and a self taught guitarist beginning at the age of 11. Nicole speaks, "first it was a blondie 45 I had when I was 3. I thought 'Now this is great music!' Then it was the J Giles Band album Freezeframe when I was 5 and again I thought, 'this is great music!' It just started from there and the search is always continuing and expanding. I just want to add to the tradition." Nicole Paradiso band is a WELL influenced band. Nicole's writing is inspired by John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Beethoven, Guns n Roses, Morrissey, My Bloody Valentine, The Sundays, Joni Mitchell, Jobim...the list goes on and on.
The players in Nicole's bands are very cool and top shelf good. Bottom line. No image posers. Musicians with soul, heart, and feel. This translates on stage. The rawness of it all. The honestly, beauty, pain and life shines through. This is what great performing is about. This is a timeless act.



Written By: Nicole Paradiso

Save the drama for your mama
Maybe I'll be comin home tonight.
Drink your water take your pills
Do what you can it's gonna be alright.
I've been runnin races in my head
Faster than all the horses in your books.
You got your cleaned up dirty mind
curious again, you wanna take a look.

At the Spaces that can come between
All the Spaces that come between you and me.

My feet are only half wet from this puddle, but they won't dry too fast.
Not from this whirlwind storytellin racer boy lovin mixed up man.
You got a look of dissappointment like this chocolate isn't meant for you.
But you hold your heart inside your head anyway so there is no room.

For the Spaces that can come between
The Spaces that come between you and me.
All the people that can come between
All the Spaces that come between you and me.
You and me.


The Fall by Nicole Paradiso
Released December 2004.
Available @
iTunes and many more digital download sites.

Set List

The Band has two types of sets lists.

A STRAIGHT ROCK SET-designed to rock the house with no room for whiners, making even your mama shake her booty. Everything kicked up a notch or seven.

A LISTENERS SET-designed for a more artistic listening crowd. Requires a little more focus and a tear perhaps.
THE STRAIGHT ROCK SET is Baby's At The Back, This City, Spaces, The Fall, Josey, Stay, Get Away as an encore.
THE LISTENERS SET is all the rock above including Live Your Life, Morning Dove

Nicole on her own, on acoustic guitar may throw out one her over 50 originals that are designed by Light. She has been at too many events where the people wear her out begging for more tunes. The poor thing.