Nicole Rae

Nicole Rae


Nicole Rae is a multi instrumentalist stemed out of Colorado and wisconsin. She blends classic folk with catchy alternative hooks, and can captavate an audience with her beautiful vocal range. Her message is honest, and her performances are never the same. The girl has fun and so will you!


Nicole Rae is multi instrumentalist and Singer/Songwriter Native to Wisconsin but has spent the past two years living in Colorado. Hiding deep in the San Migel Mt. Range of Telluride. She wrote music and lyrics for her album "Chasing Foxes". Which was recorded and released in Madison Wi Early fall of 2009.
She played all the instruments herself and was right along Andrew Palsini(engineer/producer) the whole ride. After releasing her album she returned to Colorado Living in The Denver/Boulder area and became a street performer. While trying to promote her new album "Chasing Foxes". She played for thousands of people and met lots of great musicians, but soon realized she was sick of playing all alone. In January 2010 bringing the new year Nicole Rae came back to Wisconsin and found her man Bil Solomon, a brilliant Bass guitar player. The dynamic they share on stage is almost like Father and Daughter, fun for them and fun for the audience.Bil added a bluegrass feel to Nicole's music and filled the void she had leaving Co.
Her talent and influence has been compared to that of Stevie Nicks,Gwen Stefani,Incubus,and Pat Benatar. In a way it's hard to throw Nicole into a genre or say she sounds like anyone else. What separates her in the music community is her comfort with what she is doing. This girl can silence an audience or have them laughing thier heads of with one song.The number one thing about Nicole Rae is that music is her life, and whether you are listening to her album in your car, or watching her play live, she will make you feel that passion. For a second you can turn off and realize we are all the same.
So keep your eyes and ears open and hope that you can see this very talented 23 year old singer/Songwriter named Nicole Rae.


Mama's & Papa's

Written By: Nicole Rae

Mama's in the kitchen cookin up some food, While Papa's in the basement watchin all the fools.
Presidents shakin' hands with the enemy, talkin somethin about a peace treedy?

Never believe what you see on t.v.

Education rules the middle class crooks, teacher say i can dodge bullets with these books.
Maybe thats why all the "smart" people carry on their wars with guns.
Maybe next time we elect i'll try to run.

I hear Polotics are so much fun.

Papa's in the kitchen lookin' kind of ill, Mama said somethin' about how they are cleanin out the mill.
If you've never seen, never seen your old man cry...

i hope someday it'll be alright
but this place gets worse with time.


"Your So Cool" ep 2008
radio play for title track "Your So Cool" on 9.69 the Fox
"Chasing Foxes" Full Length Album, Tracks not yet released to Air play. But you can find the abum on her website.

Set List

A typical set list ranges 45-120 minutes.
example set list..
Tiny Bubbles
Inside The Mt.
Turn into(yeahyeahyeahs cover)
Snake Skin Boots
Flying Lessons
Norweigan Wood (Beatles cover)
Away We Go
Mama's and Papa's
Mouth is Shy
Landslide(Stevie Nicks cover)
Lets get Drunk
Charolettes Web
Simple Twist Of Fate(Bob Dylan cover)