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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Nicole Simone at The Bootleg Theater"

"Nicole Simone is a promising local singer whose mellow cabaret tunes are infused with traces of Tom Waits' junkyard artiness. While there are so many other modern divas who also attempt to incorporate Waits' bohemian affectations into their pure-pop songs, Simone manages to retain enough of her own personality to make things interesting" LA WEEKLY - LA Weekly

"Nicole Simone"

"convincingly kittenish" - Time Out

"Indie Artists Name Best Live Show of 2010: Nicole Simone"

In the past year, WNYC has offered up free downloads from hundreds of bands playing live shows in New York City. As part of our Gig Alert series, we've asked several indie rockers to give us their favorite live shows of 2010.

The Los Angeles-based chanteuse Nicole Simone played at the Living Room in June. Her favorite live show from 2010 featured Nick Cave's alternative rock band, Grinderman.

Best Live Show (video below): "Last week I was lucky enough to see 'Grinderman' perform at The Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles. It was a truly unbelievable show. Nick Cave is the most dynamic performer I have ever seen perform live. He is a true entertainer--in an almost retro sense--and his talent is astonishing. He's like this dark, lassoing cowboy singing epic songs about love and women. The show was dramatic, romantic and evocative. The band was spectacular, playing their last show of the tour with all their heart, sweat and soul. I was mesmerized from start to finish." - WNYC

"Nicole Simone"

Is to give your heart or have it taken all of life? Nothing else seems relevant in Nicole Simone‘s music, and that’s something I can relate to. She loves me, she loves me not – a field of daisies ravaged by uncertainty. Her sultry persuasion can caress or carve out a heart with paralyzing euphoria and inflict stoic men with boyish war. A silky smooth trumpet coats one’s will, the gentle bass thump removes your armor, as marxophone, guitar and piano fastens temptation. Dark, moody, passionate desire, eerie and erotic – provocative songs that linger like an eternal flame, reducing your soul to brimstone ash. - Aurgasm

"Nicole Simone (4 stars)"

The first thing one notices upon listening to Nicole Simone's self-titled debut EP is the singer’s whispered voice that rests somewhere between childlike wonder and smoky vixen. The EP centers around her voice, a wise choice rather than using extravagant production which would have camouflaged Simone's greatest asset. The sparse instrumentation on the album serves to highlight Simone's voice, full of lamentations that range from sorrow over love lost ("The Wedding") to not knowing how to play the mandolin ("Teach Me”).

A highlight of the EP is the single, "Melt.” Simone croons, "I've got to save the world from loving you," and eventually laments "All I would give to melt your heart." The song is a perfect, slow affair full of simple guitar chords and understated trumpet work.

The following track, "Haunt You," is more repetitive and less successful, but still makes good use of Simone's haunting vocals. The darkest song, however, is "You Got Me." As creepy music sets the scene, Simone references chains and her role as a slave in her lover's kingdom. "You have got me / Oh you got me," she sings, making herself sound more like a possession than a partner. "Every day I waste away by loving you," she concludes as the music fades away. - Venus Zine

"Nicole Simone Celebrates Her EP Release at Hotel Cafe"

Last week, L.A. singer-songwriter, Nicole Simone, celebrated the debut of her self-titled EP at Hotel Cafe with a live performance of the new songs. Along with other sets by brit Sam Bradley and fellow Angelenos, Grouplove, Nicole wowed the crowd as she performed with a full band, including a cello and trumpet played by Stewart Cole of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
Guests soaked up the night's tunes and mellow vibes in the darkly lit venue as they sipped drinks and enoyed the fresh talents before them. Nicole's performances of "The Wedding Song" and "Melt" were among the highlights of the night.

If the audience's level of engagement is any indication, we believe Nicole will be a favorite amongst the L.A. music scene, which, as we all know, bodes well for a very warm reception as her music spreads east.
- Guest of a Guest

"Nicole Simone"

Singer Nicole Simone, twenty-something, noirish provocateur, has always felt like an old soul. Though she doesn’t live far from the glitzy Hollywood Hills, she admits she’s always felt more connected to the music and films of years past. “I have always loved the haunting quality of Chopin’s compositions and the soul in singers like Billy Holiday. I love anything that is timeless and can mean just as much in the modern day as it did when it was first originated,” she says. Her self-titled EP, a mix of stunning torch songs and stark, cinematic tunes sung to ukelele, trumpet and piano, is a debut not to be missed.

Simone started her vocal training at around nine years old and still continues with lessons to this day. Perhaps that’s one reason that her voice has such a unique, multi-faceted range, effortlessly sliding from childlike to worldly, and stylistically, from jazz to experimental minimalism, in a breath.

Her musical tastes are just as varied. “I always loved singing old standards, even as a kid,” she says. “I always thought that I would record an album of standards and had this romantic idea of becoming a jazz singer until I started discovering different musicians. I was so inspired by Hank Williams and the old blues guys like Howlin’ Wolf and Mississippi Fred McDowell- that was a new kind of soulful to me.” Simone adds, “Then when I started listening to musicians like Tom Waits and Nick Cave, I felt for the first time that I could really incorporate all of my inspirations into something unique and my own. I bought an old piano, an accordion and an autoharp, none of which I knew how to play, and started messing around with them and soon songs began to emerge. The process was very organic, it was as if I had been accumulating a sound for years before I created it.”
Her eclectic inspirations extend to her taste in film and art, as well as to her concepts for her own videos. Simone says, “I’m as drawn to French New Wave as I am to film noir and silent films of the 20’s. Also, Rene Magritte and the Surrealist painters made a big impression on me as a child and their work means even more to me now. It’s endlessly inspiring.” The video for her single, “Melt”, pays homage to one of her favorite films, Paris, Texas. “I came up with the story line, co-directed, found and chose every location we used, styled the costumes and edited the video. Music videos are the most fun because they incorporate all of my passions,” Simone says.

Though Simone recently made her first NYC appearances this month (playing with a band which included Kelly Pratt, who plays trumpet for Beirut, Arcade Fire and Citizens Band), she’ll be back in September to play a few shows in the city and around Brooklyn. She says, “It was wonderful to have all the support from the folks in New York and the band I played with was incredible… I can’t wait to come back!”--Madeline Virbasius - Sentimentalist Magazine

"She's A Superstar"

It's a rare joy to discover a new artist with whom you instantly fall in love with. Young cabaret-styled intoxicating chanteuse, Nicole Simone, both sings beautifully and she's an absolute old-school knock out! Her whispery vocals and Tom Waitsian musical arrangements are destined to make her a superstar. She possesses an innocence and a lack of bitterness of others predating her in the genre that puts her on top. Click on her cool website with a fab Wim Wenders-inspired video. Her debut EP is out: buy it and obsess! - Dead Cool

"Interview with Nicole Simone"

Nicole Simone has one of those instantly recognizable voices, a sultry and sophisticated whisper that causes you to lean closer to your speakers to avoid missing a syllable. A Los Angeles native, she grew up surrounded by the influence of old Hollywood, and her music reflects her love for the mood-setting melodies and bluesy sounds of the ‘20s and ‘30s. In fact, the music video for “Melt,” the first single off the artist’s self-titled debut EP, was shot near the Joshua Tree desert, but the video itself is an homage to one of Nicole’s favorite films, Paris, Texas, proving you can take the Nicole Simone music video shoot out of Hollywood, but you can’t take the Hollywood out of the Nicole Simone music video. - LA Music Blog

"Nicole Simone"

While looking for some fresh sounds to share to you on CTN MUSIC, I was hooked by this mesmerizing and beautiful voice, her name is Nicole Simone and she seems based in L.A, California, I’ve got no information about her, but all I know is she is working on an EP. Nicole Simone’s voice and songs will remind you of some French film noir, she really looks like she has escaped from an old 60’s movie. Her references and influences go to David Lynch, Bresson, Godard and Serge Gainsbourg…

Link : - CTN MUSIC

"Nicole Simone"

Whispery, slinky vocals and music inspired by sexpots and heavy hitters in blues and jazz of yore, Nicole Simone and her whopping band temporarily transformed Chessvolt Studios into the set of a Tim Burton flick. Here's her tune,


a breathy, lamenting tale of how the apple of her eye has shattered her dreams by marrying another.

An enthralling curve ball for Luxury Wafers listeners.

Stay tuned for more! - LuxuryWafers.Com


Self titled EP



Nicole Simone recently released her debut EP to critical acclaim, including the first single “Melt” and “The Wedding Song” featuring Jason Schwartzman on drums and banjo. Her Los Angeles band includes Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ member Stewart Cole, Tom Waits' member Seth Ford-Young, Dwight Yoakam’s member Josh Grange and Joe Karnes who plays with John Cale and Pete Yorn amongst others.

Although she was born in the eighties, Nicole Simone has always been fascinated with nostalgia and old films from a very young age.She writes all her music with love for creating a mood and environment of her own. Her haunting, intoxicating and timeless music is illustrated by a unique instrumentation of guitar, marxophone, orchestron, trumpet, mandolin, vibraphone, piano and ukulele.

Nicole Simone’s music can be heard in the Sundance film "The Good Life" starring Bill Paxton, Zooey Deschanel, and Harry Dean Stanton, as well as in the indie films "Free Hugs" directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Justin Long, "Searching for Sonny" starring Minka Kelly and "Alone With Her" starring Colin Hanks. Her diverse artistic influences range from Frederic Chopin to Tom Waits and New Orleans funeral processions to the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Billie Holiday and Cesária Évora.

C Magazine is featuring Nicole in their upcoming December 2011 issue as their "C Girl". FLAUNT magazine featured Nicole in their music issue alongside Bryan Ferry, Ryan Adams and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

She has played support slot for artists such as Devendra Banhart, Ariel Pink, Ed Harcourt, Jesca Hoop, Maria Taylor and Diane Birch.

“convincingly kittenish” TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Nicole Simone is a promising local singer whose mellow cabaret tunes are infused with traces of Tom Waits' junkyard artiness. While there are so many
other modern divas who also attempt to incorporate Waits' bohemian affectations into their pure-pop songs, Simone manages to retain enough of her own
personality to make things interesting" LA WEEKLY

“Dark, moody, passionate desire, eerie and erotic - provocative songs that linger like an eternal flame, reducing your soul to brimstone ash”