nicole torres

nicole torres


Nicole Torres is in the process of recording her 8th album. It will be released by No Alternative Media, located in Mankato, MN.


Her “feverish eclecticism” and “engaging performances” are “likely to hijack the attention of anyone within earshot.”
Described as “bold, passionate and poetic,” Nicole Torres is turning heads across the country both solo and with her band, The Affiliates. “This is sophisticated music, classically structured and yet containing various elements, rhythms and genres.”
Over the course of her seven independently released records she has incorporated flavors of jazz, reggae, pop, alternative and spoken word.
Acoustic guitar drives the groove-centered, genre-bending songs with “simple rhythms played to clever effect.” Electric drums and bass from John Minardi and Sparrow lay solid foundation for primal textures from flautist Chris Lawhead. Torres’ voice, “at once velvet and disarming,” demonstrates a “range and musical savvy that most American Idol contestants would die for.”
“She seems to grow to fill the stage she's on, possessing a stage presence well beyond her years.” See Nicole Torres & The Affiliates today.



Written By: Nicole Torres

You want me to want only you,
only that's the only thing that I just can't seem to do.

But that's ok, cuz you wouldn't want me, anyways.
If you'd have caught me,
you wouldn't have wanted me to stay.
You wouldn't have wanted me to stay,
no, no.

I'm impatient.
I'm Impulsive.
I am selfish.
I'm self-destructive.
And if I knew what was good for me,
I would have stood by you.

So here we are- we don't know
what to do.
The biggest problem here
has two factors: me and you.
Cuz you give give give
and i take take take.
So please leave me now
for your own sake,
cuz I would, Yeah, I would.

I'm impatient.
I"m Impulsive.
I am selfish.
I'm self-destructive.
And if I knew what was good for me,
I would have stood by you.

I'm so sorry...
I kept letting you say
what i wanted to hear.
I'm so sorry...
That my instinct said run
when you wanted me near.
I'm so sorry...
I'm so sorry...

I'm impatient.
I'm impulsive.
I am selfish.
I'm self-destructive.
And if you knew
what was good for you,
you wouldn't want me to want you.


"Live"- 2002
"Just Watch Me"- 2003
"Blood From This Turnip"- 2004
"Something Borrowed, Something Blue"- 2005
"Hit the Ground Running"- 2006
"Out of Harm's Way"-2007

* December 2002 featured on radio 1190 Denver/Boulder “testosterone detox” women’s music hour
* November 2003 featured on KFAI community radio Minneapolis/St. paul, MN “Fresh Fruit” the nation’s longest-running queer radio show
* April 2004 featured on radio 1190 Denver/Boulder “the poets’ verses” poetry hour

--Currently in rotation on the following stations:
* KUVO Denver, CO
* UNC Radio, Greeley CO
* Radio 1190 Denver/Boulder
* AM 760 Progressive Talk, Denver/Boulder
* 99.5 The Mountain, Denver CO
* KUPS Tacoma, WA *selected among student favorites
* KFAI Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
* SVA student radio in New York, NY

Set List

Set lists are cooked to order. They vary in length and intensity.

Sets consist mostly of originals, but covers include selections from groups such as Blind Melon, Counting Crows, Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Patty Griffin, Matchbox 20, Bob Dylan, Michelle Shocked, Sublime, and many more...