Nico Vega

Nico Vega



"Nico Vega is a cult not a band"
The name Nico Vega represents an ideal. A Modern-day worrior saint who defines how the band has elected to live their lives: To be more than just mena and woman, but soldiers... Warriors who pursue freedom from all self-inflicted social or political restraints.

With an outstanding live show and music that straddles that line between credibility and assssibility, Nico Vega are rapidly developing a powerful fan base, entirely by word of mouth, and are witnessing a unique kind of devotion, rare for an unsigned band that hasn't had any formal publicity nor released it's first album.

Nico Vega refuses to define their sound, but the unique presence of all three members is easily identifiable, Aja Volkman, the singer (Eugene OR) has a voice that soars with the force of a 747, yet she can also devour an audience with the seduction of a greek siren. Rich Koehler, the guitar player, (Toledo, OH) fills out the sound with dense melodic textures and sexy guitar hooks. Dan Epand, the drummer (New York), is and inventive and authoritative bedrock who delivers a unique mix of power, depth, and subtlety.

It's Nico Vega's artistic purpose to destroy teh wounded, suffering nature of modern music and culture. To restore the kind of angst and purpose that inspires action... not apathy. In their words, "We have little sympathy for vicim mentality. In our world, love, power, righteousness, reign supreme."

See them live; they'll bleed for your sins and your triumphs. "Stand up to the beast!"


Cocain Cooked The Brain
No Child Left Behind - EP