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"Detroit House Party"

"...Opening act Nico Vega, an LA rock trio, was a fantastic surprise. Led by the insanely spirited Aja Volkman, the band also has a blues undercurrent. But with pretty, crazy-eyed Volkman at the mike you can't help think of Janis Joplin if you're old or Karen O if you're young." - Dan Aquilante, NY POST

"Nico Vega"

From the first track, "Burn Burn," L.A. trio Nico Vega is clearly a wannabe-badass rock band that gives you the feeling you should be enjoying them at a dive bar while wearing a cropped leather jacket. Aja Volkman is the soulful, bold, and sometimes screaming voice of Nico Vega, who manages to rise and fall dramatically with the catchy rifs of Rich Koekler's guitar and the backbone beats of Dan Epand's drums. I love "Gravity," which will have you shouting, clapping, and busting out dances, even if they are too-cool-for-school moves. The album's less memorable songs are still abrasive and emotional, and it's hard to resist chanting along with all the trio's "na-na"s and "la-la"s. Falling somewhere between the White Stripes and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nico Vega will find a place on your musical shelf. - BUST The Guide - Allie Allen

"Trip To Aja"

.."Aja (it's first names only in this LA-based band) is all energy and bombast when she sings. Nico Vega's most recent album, due out in early February, offers 14 chances to remember what rock-and-roll really sounds like. The self-titled record is aggressive, theatrical and intent on getting closer to the audience.

..She’s a powerful songstress, able to weave catchy melodies together with the rockingest throaty strains." - Folio Weekly

"Nico Vega"

Appealingly husky with a hair-triggered scream, this is the voice of a rock god. Only it's a goddess-lead singer Aja-fronting this hard-rocking LA trio, who spend most of their debut disc hedging between uninhibited and out of control. Pump a manicured fist in the air. - Marie Claire


Cocain Cooked The Brain
No Child Left Behind - EP



"Nico Vega is a cult not a band"
The name Nico Vega represents an ideal. A Modern-day worrior saint who defines how the band has elected to live their lives: To be more than just mena and woman, but soldiers... Warriors who pursue freedom from all self-inflicted social or political restraints.

With an outstanding live show and music that straddles that line between credibility and assssibility, Nico Vega are rapidly developing a powerful fan base, entirely by word of mouth, and are witnessing a unique kind of devotion, rare for an unsigned band that hasn't had any formal publicity nor released it's first album.

Nico Vega refuses to define their sound, but the unique presence of all three members is easily identifiable, Aja Volkman, the singer (Eugene OR) has a voice that soars with the force of a 747, yet she can also devour an audience with the seduction of a greek siren. Rich Koehler, the guitar player, (Toledo, OH) fills out the sound with dense melodic textures and sexy guitar hooks. Dan Epand, the drummer (New York), is and inventive and authoritative bedrock who delivers a unique mix of power, depth, and subtlety.

It's Nico Vega's artistic purpose to destroy teh wounded, suffering nature of modern music and culture. To restore the kind of angst and purpose that inspires action... not apathy. In their words, "We have little sympathy for vicim mentality. In our world, love, power, righteousness, reign supreme."

See them live; they'll bleed for your sins and your triumphs. "Stand up to the beast!"