Nic Willis and Different Country

Nic Willis and Different Country


Not another copy cat... but truly an original sound and style. It is called "Different Country" for a reason!!!


Nic Willis is a singer/songwriter from East TN. He and his band "Different Country" bring a unique country sound to the stage whether playing for smaller crowds or open up for major acts... most recently Chuck Wickes!!! Original songs and style, a strong stage presence, a natural born entertainer, and a fantastic supporting cast makes Nic's music and shows very fresh and unique. For video samples go to and click on video.


Tracy Griffith, cd... "RED"... cut number five "Somewhere Between Then And Now" was written by Nicklas E. Willis.

Set List

Mostly original with covers of George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and others...