Our music is a mix of music influenced by the passion of grunge music,the energy of punk and a structure built on layers.Our goal is to play music that will push and pull the listener with it's dynamics but still stay in our own genre but is not across the board.nirvana/brand new/alkaline trio


Nideit (nid-ee-it), n. [Portuguese], An Idiot in broken English.

Nideit started it's journey as a solo act, consisting of Dave Nunes. He played small coffee houses acoustically and began to form a loyal fan base. Eventually long time friend and drinking partner, Jimi Fernandes joined on to add bass and vocals to the duo. They continued playing acoustic shows until April 2005 when Tyler Olson hooked up with the pair, bringing with him remarkable drumming and flaming red hair. Soon after Tyler's arrival his lifelong friend Kenny Killingsworth joined to solidify the roster with outstanding guitar and vocals.

Playing together since 2005, Nideit has rocked their way through two albums and across California. Their first album, Everybody Loves Something, has become a local favorite. Their second album, Six Feet In Your Heart, shows a more developed and advanced side of Nideit, and has just been released this summer. It was recorded with Andy Ernst (Green Day, AFI, Swingin Utters, etc). Nideit has also shared the stage with acts such as Tumbledown, Rocco Delucca and the Burden, Cherry Poppin' Daddy's, Lorene Drive and Emerson Heart, along with many others.


Nideit has released two full length albums. The first, "everybody loves something" recorded in Sept of '05 at a small studio in Ceres,Ca. The second, "Six Feet In Your Heart" record in Hayward,Ca by Andy Ernst (green day, afi, tigar army,..) at The Art of Ears Studio. Nideit has been featured on B93.1, 91.9 kcss Stan State Radio, and Sacramento state's radio station.

Set List

We have played 25 minute to 4 hour sets. Typically our sets are about a hour and a half to two hours. That is with about 5 or 6 covers. Our covers repertoire ranges from Purple Rain or Cisco's thong song to Cheap Trick's want you to want me to a medley of Sweet child o'mine-Undone(the sweater song)-pour some sugar on me.