Nifty 250

Nifty 250

 Columbia, Missouri, USA
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It all began when the Musical Gods of Rock and Reggae mated in August 2007 to give birth to what is now known as Nifty 250. The minions of Nifty originally consisted of Justin Wilburn on vocals, Marley Magner on guitar, Lucus Welch on bass and Jordan Parks on drums. Members have come and gone over the years with the current line-up featuring Wilburn, Welch, and newcomers Trace Thorpe-Bucklew on drums, Toby Runyon and Ian Vardel on guitar and Sergio Slayer backing vocals with special appearances by original member Magner on sax. Their goal as musicians is to blend and bend the genres and mix their different styles and inspirations to make your body move like it has never moved before. Inspired by 311, Led Zeppelin, Earth Wind and Fire, Reel Big Fish and The White Stripes; their high energy live performances started blowing minds with open mic nights and have led them to headlining local venues in Columbia and surrounding areas. They have supported mainstream acts such as Dirty Heads, Rehab, Lojic, and Culture. What started as four guys getting together to have fun and change people's perception on the genres have become an epic display of rock, reggae, and rap unlike anything ever heard before. To compliment their original tracks such as “Hey Reggae”, “Time”, “Hard to Listen”, “Trippin”, “Maya Fantastic” and their newest track “Just Keep Going”; they have covered and put the Nifty spin on tracks by Cake, Snoop Dogg, Cee Lo Green and Rage Against the Machine. Nifty 250 are eager to rock heavier and party harder than ever in 2011. This is a band that must be seen live; their energy and unique sound will have you wanting more. So, for all those who are prepared to have their ears penetrated by some of the most satisfying sounds, Nifty 250 is here to fulfill that musical desire.


Maya Fantastic

Written By: Nifty 250

Well my names J-Dub, when I rocks the mic
The crowd blows up on this lunar flight
Lifted and gifted, and just a little bit twisted
Are the lyrical assaults that pop off of this head

I’m the show stopper, bringin’ it quick because it’s proper
We’re not platinum gold or copper, soon to be a chart topper
Kickin’ the flow, ready to blow, lyrical pro like Sonny Bono
Oh no, here I go with this conceded set of vocals

I’m a gin & tonic, I’m grade “A” chronic
Don’t worry I’m on it, cause I’m hooked up on the phonic
I ride this roller coaster with this gun out the holster
One bullet in the chamber, now we’re dancin’ with danger

Maya fantastic, life is elastic, pliable plastic, people being spastic
Maya fantastic, life is an illusion, chargin’ two fifty with this nifty conclusion

A world of illusion, heavy thoughts on my mind
Return the tape of life, don’t forget to rewind
Don’t be blind, just take a look back at the times
The memories you’ll find, if you just open your eyes

It’s the circular sway, each and every day
Someday, we some way, we find our way
Through these tribulations and trials, the memories and miles
Something wicked comes from this style

It’s by logic that we prove and intuition we discover
Life is what we make it so be real to one another
Just have a good time and remember what you’re taught
Life can be a battle, give it everything you’ve got



...Currently recording our debut album...

Set List


Maya Fantastic
Hey Reggae
Boogie to the Beat
What Makes a Man
Nobody Knows
Hard to Listen
I'm Amazed
Latin Feel
Just Keep Going


Murder Was The Case (Snoop Dogg)
Never There (Cake)
What I Got (Sublime)
Fu*k You (Cee-Lo Green)
Bombtrack (Rage Against the Machine)