Suwanee, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

NIGE is the forerunner of BrainSex Life Group, a crew dedicated to providing the music that stimulates the mind, or sex for your brain. To break away from the boxed in idea of what hip hop is, to show the world that rap can be more diverse than the whackness of todays radio, this is our goal. #BSLG


Nigel Phillips, better known as hip hop artist and producer NIGE, hails from Cleveland, Ohio. A self-taught musician, NIGE has been a performer all his life. Having a passion for poetry, he joined the spoken word club at Shaker Heights High School. As the verbal creativity NIGE possessed began to surface, he became more involved in the arts program at his school, writing plays and arranging music. At the suggestion of his poetry teacher in high school at Shaker Heights, he began putting his poems to beats he made using FL studio. After moving to Atlanta, Georgia with his family, he met Jackson Willis at Peachtree Ridge high school, and they created BrainSex Life Group. With the addition of Tommy Ross, a talented producer and audio engineer, and Jordan "Inches" Harding, a rapper and extremely motivated hype man, BSLG began to make the music they wished they heard in the mainstream of the world. After mild success with NIGE's first mixtape "Almost Famous", he and Tommy created an all original independent album aptly named "Leader of the Pack". From here, you are invited to join the team and witness the evolution of hip hop.


Almost Famous (mixtape)-2009

Leader of the Pack (ep)-2010