Nigel and The Dropout

Nigel and The Dropout

 Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

We're two 20 year old guys from Detroit, we record/mix/master everything ourselves and do it all live without any fucking laptops.


We've been influenced by just about everything we've ever heard. We make what we feel like making and hate convenience. What we sacrifice in numbers, we amend by looping layers upon layers of delicious harmony.

We're not very good at talking about ourselves so you'd best let our music speak for itself.


ยงยง (EP, 5 tracks, 22.57)
released 05 June 2012

1.Feat. Vacuum 04:05
2.Dictator Tots 05:16
3.Live for Failure 04:42
4.Monica's Monocle Chronicles 04:08
5.Consent For Lent 04:44

Slice of Infinity (2nd Album, 11 tracks, 33.18)
released 27 November 2011

1.Grinding Grin 04:27
2.One More Chance 06:44
3.In Decisions 03:16
4.My Friend, 04:29
5.Singled Out 04:02
6.Foreign Orphan's Endorphins 03:58
7.Alarm Clocked 03:30
8.Sour Souls & The Ice Cream Redemption Theory 00:26
9.Nerves On Fire 02:41
10.Is The Bear There? 04:08
11.A Fragmented Sky 04:23
12.Bandaged Appendages 03:22

& (1st Album, 11 tracks, 33.18)
released 23 June 2011

1.Mister Grief 03:55
2.Acceptance 01:05
3.Pill 03:18
4.Silhouette 03:10
5.Furniture In Despair 01:57
6.L'appel du vide 01:38
7.Tale of the Tangled Cord 02:12
8.Expiration Date 04:26
9.Proof of Purchase 02:46
10.Hold On 03:37
11.Causa Sui 05:09