The Nigel Hall Band

The Nigel Hall Band


Take a little bit of motown, throw in some jazz-funk fusion from the seventies and you've got the perfect blend of soul that creates an undeniable sound to anyone listening.


Soul is the first and only language of the Nigel Hall Quintet. Aiming to deliver audiences funk filled shows, the Quintet, having only been together for a mere three months, have already gained a reputation for having a mature, well focused sound that entices the listeners to lean in for more.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Donny Hathaway and Erykah Badu to favorites like the Derek Trucks Band, the Nigel Hall Quintet is proving itself to be a versatile in sound and stage presence.

With band leader Nigel Hall moving back and forth from the mic to the keys, the band goes from having the sensitivity and deep soul of the Motown era to having the energy, raw power and up-beat groove of early 70's funk-jazz fusion.

Add to the mix the originals put forth by Hall and you've got an original sound that is undeniable to anyone who hears it.

Set List


Set length between 60 and 120 minutes.