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The best kept secret in music


""Like No One Else""

There is only one band like Nigel Mustafa. Now, when someone says that a band is like nothing else, a red flag should be violently flapping inside your buzzing little brain. That's either code for "They're really wierd and, though I like them, you probably won't because they kind of suck," OR "They're really weird and you will be totally stoked by their genius." In this case, I would urge you to embrace the brilliance that is Nigel Mustafa, one of the most unique and talented bands I have ever seen.

I have noticed that many bands with comedic designs fail to deliver the goods musically, but that is definitely not the case with Nigel. The muscianship in this band is on a technical par with some of the most topnotch touring professionals in the history of music. Like, remember that guy, Frank Zappa? Uh-huh. Now you know what I'm talkin' about!

No doubt you should check out their new record, Rankle Dankle Fish With Hands, but there is absolutely no substitute for seeing Nigel Mustafa live. If you are looking for a good laugh while being bowled over by wickedly outstanding musicianship, get off your butt and check out Nigel. I bet you'll become an Avant 'Tard convert - just like me. - Exotic Underground Magazine - 06

"Nigel Mustafa: Not Your Ordinary Bar Band"

"Some bands have concept albums -- we're a concept band," says lead vocalist Steve Parris, who with his bandmates has been putting looks of extreme confusion on the faces of unsuspecting taverngoers since 1998.

Like major influence Devo, NMMQ is more than its music, which bounces between metal, reggae, country, rap, jazz and some styles they just plain made up (they refer to their style as "avant tard"). The band and its members all have alter egos and back stories -- beginning with the cumbersome name. Ask who Nigel Mustafa was, and they'll tell you a story of an English Afghani tent peg magnate who was killed in a yak-neutering accident.

While the music is legitimate and engaging in its own right, the experience is not complete without seeing NMMQ live. Led by their impossibly frenetic 33-year-old frontman, they motor through such crowd favorites as "Your Naked Boobies," "C-Ya Later, I'm Gay!" and "Fly in My Camaro." A song about a fifth-grade basketball teammate morphs into George Benson's "On Broadway."

-Dave Andreison - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Hilarious and Brilliant"

I didn't know much about the Nigel Mustafa Memorial Quartet, the their second album is funny as hell. Little Box of Barf was released last month by this group, which I believe is from Snohomish County. I've never heard a band quite like this. Weird Al did the parody thing, but he is never as funny as this. The occasional punk band does a song lampooning pop stars or poser metalheads. But this is an entire album like that. It is hilarious and brilliant. These guys skewer many musical styles, from gangsta rap to heavy metal. "Chix with Dix" is a folksy rock tune. Musically it reminded me of Violent Femmes. The lyrics describe an encounter with a transvestite in Vancouver, B.C. "666.314" is a cover of the Iron Maided classic "The Number of the Beast." The music starts out rather hokey, but soon moves into metal mode. Where Maiden has a guitar solo, Mustafa has a saxophone. It was funny and rocking, as if they were poking fun at Maiden and paying homage at the same time. "Fly in My Camaro" pokes fun at mainstream, generic metal bands that write songs about hot chicks and cars. "Larry the Druid" reminded me of the scene in "This is Spinal Tap" where the band did "Stonehenge." NMMQ poke fun at the same metal gothic/mythology imagery. "Bitches 'N Hoes" is a hilarious take off on rap. They sound a bit like the Beastie Boys. "She gives it upside down right outta sight nasty, blowing up balloons like Dick Cheney's angioplasty." NMMQ are extraordinary musicians. They move easily between numerous styles. "Love From in the Bubble" sounds like reggae. "Jerry Ogden" contains snippets of "Broadway" by George Benson. "Fok-Chu Mang" is an easy going, mellow rocker, although lyrically it is a long string of insults. "The Donkey Show" is old-time country western. It's a narrative from some downtrodden cowboy who heads to Mexico and gets a job. The album liner has funny information about the band members and history. Little Box of Barf is quite a gem. This is certainly the funniest CD to land in my box at Tacoma Weekly. Hopefully, they will play here soon.
John Larson - Tacoma Weekly (Feb 14, 2003) - Tacoma Weekly


We have three full length albums:
"Touch of Meat"
"Little Box of Barf"
"Rankle Dankle Fish with Hands"

Singles that have garnered local airplay:
"My Mom's In Jail Tonight"
"Rasta Ninja"
"Land of Robots"
"She Wants to Do It"

"Megadouche: NigeLive 2006"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Nigel Mustafa been together for seven years. We are a music therapy group for whimsical savants. Vic Pickles is the leader of a gaggle of lads who are influenced by Dev-o, Sublime, Ween, They Might Be Giants and a dash of Iron Maiden.

What sets "Nigel" apart is that we are technically superb, yet darned funny. We focus on pleasing the audience, not trying to convince people that we're "cool."

We're not cool.

We're funny, talented and wickedly entertaining.

Reviewers have compared us with Frank Zappa, but I think that is a bit too generous. We actually have commercial potential.

Nigel Mustafa dares to be darned unique and is a whole lot of fun.