Nigel Mustafa

Nigel Mustafa


We entertain up a storm by dispensing an amalgam of rock, reggae and ska bolstered by a littany of ingenious lyrics. Then we put forth dizzying stage antics and dancings supported by jarring musical excellence. Needless to say, no one gets bored.


Nigel Mustafa been together for seven years. We are a music therapy group for whimsical savants. Vic Pickles is the leader of a gaggle of lads who are influenced by Dev-o, Sublime, Ween, They Might Be Giants and a dash of Iron Maiden.

What sets "Nigel" apart is that we are technically superb, yet darned funny. We focus on pleasing the audience, not trying to convince people that we're "cool."

We're not cool.

We're funny, talented and wickedly entertaining.

Reviewers have compared us with Frank Zappa, but I think that is a bit too generous. We actually have commercial potential.

Nigel Mustafa dares to be darned unique and is a whole lot of fun.


We have three full length albums:
"Touch of Meat"
"Little Box of Barf"
"Rankle Dankle Fish with Hands"

Singles that have garnered local airplay:
"My Mom's In Jail Tonight"
"Rasta Ninja"
"Land of Robots"
"She Wants to Do It"

"Megadouche: NigeLive 2006"

Set List

We can play sets of 3 hours of original material.

Covers we do:
A Devo Medley
Bluegrass version of The Number of the Beast
She Blinded Me with Science