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" (Review)"

Much like [Leigh] Nash and [Alison]Krauss, Rogers has a pitch-perfectly pretty voice. She adds sweetness to everything she sings, the same way syrup always makes pancakes taste better.

-Dan McIntosh - Dan McIntosh

"Live Review - Flicker, Athens, GA"

The second band to play that night was Night Driving In Small Towns. This band was a four-piece with a female vocalist that slew me with her honest and breathy voice. You could feel the heartache and melancholy in her lyrics as she sang about missed opportunities and lost loves. The music itself was also intoxicating. The musicians tried to convey a mood with every song, and the chemistry between band members was a treat to watch as well. They really enjoyed what they were doing, and that joy spilled into the crowd. Needless to say this potent cocktail drew people in from the bar side of Flicker and quickly filled the seats of the theatre. - Flagpole

"Pre-review of Serial Killer (album)"

"Come and Tell Me" is a breezy, spring-like flourish of lazy pop. It's effortless and sweet and tender and sounds like it should be in some sort of David Lynch movie while something bad happens. As potentially disturbing as that sounds, it's because this song has a HUGE heart. - The POP! Stereo

"One of the Top 25 Bands on Myspace (Rolling Stone)"

Link: - Rolling Stone Magazine

"The Glass Onion (Review)"

...As the chorus to "Red Rover" begins, Rogers sings "I don't know if I ever really loved you." Once you hear Night Driving in Small Towns, you'll feel totally the opposite; completely in love and knowing it for sure.

- Matt Hardeman

"Joel's Hit Show Review of Serial Killer"

"[On Serial Killer:] This is what the kids like...It’s about making the right record at the right time, and Night Driving in Small Towns have done it...This whole record f***ing rules. If this does not end up in my top 5 for 2010 then this is going to be one hell of a year for rock music.” - Joel Edelman / Joel's Hit Show

"BYT Favorite Song of the Day (Review of "Barstool")"

“[On 'Barstool':] If a song was a girl with really good eyelashes who knew just how to flutter them enough, but not too much, this song would be it.” - Brightest Young Things Music Blog

"Review of "Barstool""

“[On ‘Barstool’:] It’s all very nice, all very simple, and somehow utterly irresistible, like a chocolate digestive or those dewy eyes your girlfriend makes.” - Some of It Was True! Music Blog

"Review of "Serial Killer""

“These are the sorts of bands that are missed off most people’s radar, they are unassuming and let the music do the whispering; they have the grasp of a good tune and all the ingredients to be a success and [Serial Killer] is so much better than the latest She & Him record.” - Americana-UK

"Ear Candy (April 21, 2010) - Review of "Serial Killer""

“Listening to this duo is like letting air push your hand back as you roll down some deserted highway in their native Georgia.” - Real Detroit Weekly

"Night Driving in Small Towns: Serial Killer (Album Review)"

“Simply put, Serial Killer is a thriller. This is one album you definitely do not want to miss!” - Fensepost Indie Music Blog

"Night Driving in Small Towns: "Barstool" (Review)"

“Some bands seem innately blessed with the ability to conjure up songs that get stuck in your head after only one listen. Night Driving in Small Towns is one such act. The Atlanta group authors tunes which, while superficially modest and straightforward, are fiendishly designed to enter your brain via your ear canal, set up camp, and refuse to leave...“Barstool” is a classic cut of indie-pop but never slips too deeply into twee–it is the kind of simple, timeless tune Zooey [DesChanel] and M. [Ward] always seem on the verge of grasping but never quite can.” - One Track Mind

"Serial Killer by Night Driving in Small Towns (Review)"

“[Night Driving] mines spare indie rock territory with a gentle, simple and occasionally haunting sound that's usually built upon a simple riff while [Rogers's] vocals float on want to cheer for this band while the songs play over and over again.” - Blurt Magazine Online

"Night Driving in Small Towns Release Debut Album"

"Above all,...the album is catchy, hellishly catchy in fact. Throughout you find, without quite knowing how, your head is nodding along to a track, or you’re humming a chorus or joining in with the harmonies – the whole thing is infectious, good natured and wholly charming.” - Mad Mackerel

"Night Driving in Small Towns: Serial Killer (review)"

“[On Serial Killer] The songs flow freely and sound almost effortless. Rogers and Wright have a rapport that is astonishing. Every song here is immediately arresting--and immediately reassuring. These two have a real feel for pretty songs that take a nip now and again. It's one thing to try to create the ‘simple’ sound found here. Most producers try too hard, and going too minimalist would strip most of the pop fun out of these songs. I'm knocked out. This sounds great.” - Aiding & Abetting Magazine

"Anyone's Guess (Review)"

Night Driving in Small Towns. We thought, with that name, the music might be hushed & muted, a bit like headlamps on a car vainly slashing away at the darkness of a country road. But, as it turns out, the top is down & the stars and moon are out & wind ruffles your hair. - Anyone's Guess (music blog)

" (Review)"

One new band that caught my attention was Night Driving in Small Towns. They were recently signed to a small Atlanta label...they have a sound which is strikingly similar to early 90’s Mary Lou Lord which I love. -


"Serial Killer" - album, Lower 40 Records, release date April 20, 2010 - Available at,,, or your local brick and mortar indie record store (ask them to order it for you if it is not in stock).

"By the Roadside"-- album, 2007 - Available at itunes,, and

"Postscript" -- EP, 2008 - Available at itunes, and



Night Driving in Small Towns are land dwellers. Having moved from small southern towns to the city of Atlanta in 2008, the band has seen its share of topography. So has their music. Having navigated the spaces between artsy folk pop and brazen indie rock, their sound is sometimes gutsy, sometimes reserved, but always premeditated.

The group’s musical content originates from the songwriting duo of Andrea Rogers and Colby Wright. The two have written together for almost a decade, getting their craft down to a weird science in the process. Wright provides a lush musical backdrop for Rogers’s intimate lyrics, an amalgamation that has been described as a “potent cocktail” of sound (Michael Shaunessy, Flagpole). This intoxicating vibe led to Night Driving’s inclusion in a 2008 list of the “Top 25 Bands on Myspace” as determined by Rolling Stone, as well as their subsequent inclusion on the roster of Atlanta’s Lower 40 Records.