Night Eyes

Night Eyes

 New York City, New York, USA

If Michael Alig broke out of jail, did a speedball, and decided to make electronic music it would be Night Eyes. Analog dance with progressive energy.


Alex Klein and Anthony E began making classical music together in high school, but it wasn’t until college that they started experimenting with electronics. Both originally from New York, they formed the band Night Eyes in 2010 when they got their hands on a few classic eighties synths and sequencers and set out to make a new dance sound, drawing inspiration from the city and its decadent history of club kids and house music. Since then, Night Eyes have been performing throughout the New York City warehouse circuit and have released their debut “Exhale” EP along with several other singles including “Viscera” and “The Attic”. Three of their tracks have been featured on episodes of MTV's SKINS season 1. They continue to play shows in New York and have a second EP on the way that should hit the air just in time for summer.


Exhale - EP
If Your Head is Empty (extended mix) - Single
Viscera - Single
The Attic - Single

Set List

1) House Intro (3 min)
2) Dreaming Heart (4 min)
3) Stray Light (5 min)
4) House Interlude (3 min)
5) Exhale (5 min)
6) Sample interlude (3 min)
7) Viscera (4 min)
8) Yugen (3 min)
9) Deathbed (3 min)
10) If Your Head is Empty (5 min)