Nightfall Symphony

Nightfall Symphony


We have a sound of hard rock mixed in with funk. The guitars has a distortion/overdrive sound played with ingenious riffs, but is not to overpowering. The bass has a funk sound which is included in slap riffs and fingered riffs as well. The drums make up the backbone of the band with timed beats.


NightFall Symphony consists of three members. Jordan Fowler is the guitarist/keyboardist. He also is a backup vocalist. Alex Boduch is the bass guitarist. He also is a backup vocalist to the band. Last but not least, Chris Kennelly is the drummer/percussionists. Chris is also the lead vocalist for NFS. NFS has been a band for around two years. Over the course of time, NFS has changed names as well as band members. In December of 2007, Alex switched instruments from drums to the bass guitar. This change was made because NFS wanted a new and more unique sound. Later that month, the new drummer, Chris, was found. Since then NFS has written some original songs and has learned cover songs from other bands. In the future, they hope to spread and share their music to others. Last but not least, We love you..........

Set List

Differs each show.