Night Genes

Night Genes


Dark, cerebral alternative folk sung in a deep voice driven by guitar but with a variety of instrumentation utilized to help create layers and atmosphere


Eric Ingersoll formed Night Genes to explore solumn and thoughtful song ideas that came to him most often at night. The idea with this band is not to be tied to any formula or restriction; just to make music that is authentic and tries to capture an essence of what it means to be living. Influences include Neil Young, Nick Cave, Bruce Springsteen, Midlake, Ryan Adams, and Bill Callahan.
Story: Eric Ingersoll had played bass in punk, metal and blues bands before exploring songs he had written with his own voice. He had never thought singing was an option for him as his voice was low and not what most bands are looking for, but he found it suited the songs he had written quite well. In fact, the moody, introspective quality of the songs matched his voice in a way that resulted in a unique, interesting sound.


English Summer

Written By: Eric Ingersoll

English Summer
When the essence has been lost, who’s paying the cost?
Look in the mirror; you’re the low hanging fruit
In the faces of strangers, see it there too

So put on your boots and check out spitalfields
Buy a screen-print t-shirt and feel how the market feels
Remember the busker on the sidewalk, dancing alone
English summer, just waiting on you

There is a sun in the reddening sky,
and even after we’re gone it would still rise
With a knowing grin, and a mischievous eye
You can see it there, even with eyes as scratched as mine

Trying to drop my Rs and not my Gs
Tired of wearing my nationality on my sleeve
Tired of what it says about me
Trying to drop my Rs and not my Gs
English Summer, just waiting on you

Albion, Albion, open up your skies

Adipose Fin

Written By: Eric Ingersoll

Adipose Fin
His lack of Adipose fin meant, he was of the 80 percent
Born to be caught and eaten
In summer he’d swim up stream and be netted by men at the dam
And carted back downstream again

His inability to spawn, is what kept him living
His living to spawn, is what disabled him

He would survey the green and the brown
Of the river with thuggish eyes
He could taste the cool water,
And run it through his gills to collect its prize

On the Wallowa river, mixed in with the life
On the Wallowa river, was a hook and a line

21st Century Businessman

Written By: Eric Ingersoll

21st Century Businessman
You want to haunt, the nighttime city streets
Where they make the fancy beats
Arm in boney arm, forget it’s not the first time
You got your walking papers,
You’ll be back there in your sleep
You try to think of the sweet pill
But you’ve got a head, spinning like a drill
Forget it’s not the first time

Your face as white as whale bone, your eyes as misty as the rain
Things begin to slip, you take the hit, you take the hit

The room gets colorless, the air gets so tight
The first coin in your pocket, remember how lonely it must have felt
What happened to the network, the cufflinks, my work, my colleagues?


Written By: Eric Ingersoll

Begged you to remove the spurs
The sound makes it hard to ignore the hurt
You talk as though you’re Mary
But you don't quite have the Virgin's tone
Is your daddy why, we got left all alone?

Got a head, like a diamond is made
Oh I'm in the direst of straights
Got me lost outside my own gates
Got me lost outside my own gates

Faith's a word worth a thousand thoughts, faith insists
My every breath, a reminder for a meeting I always delay, but cannot miss
Keep knocking; I'm not coming to the door
I'm out the back and put my foot down to the floor
Though I know you can't be shaken or lost
You can just follow me down to the cross, the temple or the mosque


Two Phantoms and a Holy Ghost, LP

Set List

Two 45 minute sets
Adipose Fin
21st Century Businessman
Flood (How to Avoid)
Kids by MGMT
The 4th Estate