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"A Day In The Life" (2011)
"Love Stories Suck!" (2012)
Single: "Much Higher" (2012)



Nighthawk has a different story to tell. He was not on the block selling drugs nor does he have a “rags to riches” story; no, Nighthawk is your all-American suburban kid who is a part of the generation that grew up on hip hop. "Hip hop raised me," he has said. Hip hop is his culture. It is his life. He lives and breathes it; it is all he knows. Having a natural talent for writing and an admiration and respect for Hip Hop, Nighthawk started pursuing his music at the age of 17. Feeling as though too many people are living a façade in hip hop, he raps about being a young adult and enjoying life while growing into the man and artist he wants to be, and not what most people in the industry try to emulate. Listening to Nighthawk’s music one can hear a new sub-genre for hip hop emerging, which he refers to as “hipster-hop”. Even though hip hop is his foundation, being exposed to different worldly cultures and experiences gives his music more diversity that people from all walks of life can relate to, and has an appeal that goes far beyond the Hip Hop genre. Nighthawk’s sub-genre is extremely well liked and welcomed. He has a growing following on Twitter and his YouTube views are massively increasing in the thousands. Recently, Nighthawk released his 2nd project called “Love Stories Suck” which was released in Feburary of 2012 with download numbers already in the far thousands. He also has released 2 music videos for cuts off of that project "Love Stories Suck (Part I)" & "Break It Down" as well as recently making his on-screen acting debut in "Speedsuit", an independent film about bullying within today's society, which premiered in NYC on February 3rd, 2012. Nighthawk is on the rise to be one of the greats in the culture he grew to cherish.