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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Nightingale on"

Nightingale: Hey, what's good. I'm Nightingale. I'm a R&B singing and a songwriter. Born in Brooklyn, NY and I roll with ProGhetto Entertainment. I have a very musical family, all the girls sang and so did my dad. It was always in the house or at some family function but singing was second nature to all of us. We used to be in the house just singing, making up silly things from the top of our heads but that's where the singing began. I started taking it seriously in high school.

a lot of artists have genuine talent, what's wrong with the industry today, why
are artists not being signed for talent but more for a catchy dance or a buzz in
their small ass town?

Nightingale: I guess people are looking for that fast cash nowadays. The gimmicks, the dances are only for today. Yeah you could probably make some money off of that real quick, but that artist needs to understand, that you are just for this time period, just there so the industry could make some quick cash and until they find the next gimmick to eat off of. You will always be replaced. Some artist don't care about that, but I love music so I'm gonna ride until I die. I need longevity because music is my life.

You have been active on the ny show circuit for a minute now, what type of
response are you getting from the spectators?

Nightingale: I'm getting some very positive feedback from the audience as well as other artist. They appreciate the stage presence that I bring. I think they could tell that I love what I do and that I practice my craft. It really is a blessing for me to see other people enjoying my work. I'm blessed.

Let's talk about your single 'Is You Is', what's the concept of the song?

Nightingale: Well "Is You Is" isn't exactly proper grammar, but when it pops into my head, I can't shake it. Got to write it as I hear it. It's a song that most people could probably relate to at one time or another. "He's not acting right all of a sudden", "She was into me but now something is different". You just want to know what the deal is because, if its not what you think it is, then you just want to move on. Basically just telling the person to man up and tell you what's the deal is so you could know how to roll with the whole situation

Do you write allof your own material? Who are some of the producers your
currently woring with?

Nightingale: So far, I have written all of my material. I work with NoMercy, C-sik (Proghetto Entertainment) and QC. I'm still looking for producers because I stay writing.

Do you think female artists have to work harder in the music industry to get

Nightingale: I think most of us get noticed, but to be taken seriously is another thing. People will see a singer and not look twice but if you have a strong team behind you, you might be taken seriously. Especially if they are men. Its the same thing in most places out of the music industry also. Nothing is going to change overnight, unfortunately. So to answer your question, I don't think that we have to work harder, but we do have to work smarter.

In a perfect world describe your perfect situation when it comes to your career?

Nightingale: My perfect music situation would be, being a main stream artist and at the same time selling numerous songs to other main stream artist. Writing for everyone from Prince to Beyonce. Doing duets with Neo, Mario, Mary J. and so on.

Who are some of the artists you have been inspired by and who are some of the
artists you think we should watch for?

Nightingale: I've been inspired by Mary J, Jodeci, Neo, Mary Mary, Chriss Brown, Beyonce and Keshia Coles just to name a few. I think that we should definitely watch Mary J, Keshia Coles and Neo, I believe these artist have staying power and are not going anywhere for a while. And watch out for me

If you could predict the future, where will nightingale be in 5 years?

Nightingale: Nightingale will be on her 3rd album (platinum status) and an award winning songwriter.

Where can fans find you online?

Nightingale: You can find me at and at

Any shouts or plugs?

Nightingale: First of all, a shout out to The Flow Live, for taking the time out to make me feel special and also to Proghetto Entertainment, Jason Spawn Manager Mogul, NoMercy , Queen and to the Blyden Crew. Thank you for all of your support, its all love, love Nightingale - Big Chew

"Nightingale on"

Hey Nightingale, let the world know alittle bit about yourself.

Nightingale: I'm a R&B singer and I write all kinds of music. Raised in Brooklyn with a splash of Queens.

Where did you get the name?

Nightingale: Gale is my government. When I was attending school, the only time I had to head out to the studio was late at night and I would be in the studio until the AM. So I was dubbed Nightingale. Also Nightingale is a bird that sings early in the morning so the name was quite fitting.

When do you start singing?

Nightingale: I'm sure that I sang just as much as any child growing up. I remember going in my room with the radio and recording with music in the background, but I probably took it seriously when I was about 12 yrs. That's when I joined the gospel choir and did community shows.

who are some of the influences who have helped you create your style over the

Nightingale: My influences style of music vary. I've been influenced by Mary J., SWV, Mary Mary, Jodeci, and the list goes on and on. Growing up I used to gravitate to songs with male lead vocals on them. I just loved how powerful the vocals were and back then it was the guys that could say what they wanted. Girls just kept the music cute and simple. Never rocked the boat. I like to rock the boat so I listened to mostly songs with guys singing lead. Jodeci was a boat rocker.

You've graced the stage at many showcases across the tristate area, what
experiences have you gained and how have they helped your career thus far?

Nightingale: I look at showcases as a way to practice your craft. The more you do, the more comfortable you are and that shows through in your performance. Doing showcases has help my confidence level on stage and that is important for an artist. If I'm not convinced, how do expect the audience to be?

What can soon to be fans expect when nightingale performs?

Nightingale: When I perform, I put it all out there. I leave my heart on the stage. I write all my music, so most likely if I'm singing it, I lived it. So I perform like its the TRUTH. I really want you to know that this is what it is. Let me tell you about this situation, come into my world for a few minutes, I think you can relate.

I heard you opened up for a legend, Maxi Priest at a very big venue, tell us
about how that happened and what that was like.

Nightingale: Well, my parents are for the Islands (Tortola/ St. Lucia British Virgin Islands) I was visiting when Tortola was putting together their 1st music festival. Being the business woman that I am, I was part of the show. Let me tell you, there is nothing like going the the Caribbean to to perform. Imagine someone sponsoring you to go to this beautiful island to do what you love to do?! And then meeting Maxi Priest. Words can't explain. It was amazing.

Your have a beautiful voice and you have a great look, but in todays music
industry climate it takes more than that to be successful, what are some of the
things your doing to carve out your unique space in the RB world?

Nightingale: Well I try to leave an impression when perform, I try to dress a certain way, style my hair a certain way and perform with power and belief. When you see me again I want you to say to your friends, "hang around for this one, she's good, lets get her CD" . Also I have a strong team ("ProGhetto Entertainment") and i write all my stuff, so I think that's a plus. I also offer my writing services to other singers and producers. I'm trying to have the complete package here. Singer/songwriter, you could take one or both, hopefully that's enough to carve out a unique space in the R&B world. However, there are more music worlds than R&B. I really don't limit myself.

One thing you do have is a strong team, and a buzzworthy label mate, No Mercy,
who has a dope single 'Let's Get it crackin' F/ Red Cafe. How do you both share
the limelight in this saturated marketplace and do you plan on collabing?

Nightingale: Mr.NoMercy and I have have been label mates for sometime now. He is like one of my brothers ( I have many) and to tell you the truth, because I am the only female artist of ProGhetotto Ent, I think I have adopted some of my stage etiquettes from NoMercy ( he is energized, you'll see). You kind of can't help it when you've been working with someone that closely for awhile. Our manager, Jason Spawn, made sure we had our stage presence up to 150%, So working with these guys really carve out who Nightingale is today. No holding back, just do the dam thang, and stay on your grind is the attitude that we all share. As far as a collaborating, we have done that in the past and about to do it again.

Where can fans find you online?

Nightingale: Fans can find me at, find Nomercy at

Any shout outs or plugs?

Nightingale: I want to give a shout out to hoodgrownonline for taking the time out to notice me, also the the one and only Proghetto Entertainment, Jason Spawn Manager Mogul, J Hatch, Queen of the wink (, the Blyden Crew, AD the General and Ms FeFe . And a special shout out to the many people that come out to support Nightingale. I love you the most. Until next time. love always. NIGHTINGALE - Cartel/

"Nightingale on"

Hello Nightingale! Congrats on your performance at The Get Your Buzz Up
showcase, you definitely captivated the crowd, how does it feel to be recognized
for your talent?

Nightingale: Oh wow, it seems that things are finally coming together and it feels great.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do?

Nightingale: I think really as a teenager. I used to hold shows in my room ( for myself of course) but it was when I got to high school I started saying that this might work, I don't sound half bad. I have always written my own stuff (even in jr.high) but it wasn't until my teens that I found out that people pay money for this stuff. That is when it all clicked for me. There was always singing in my house so in was a very natural thing.

Your style seems to touch on a little bit of all the great from aretha's strong
voice to Mary's soul to even Beyonce's pop feel. How do you describe your style
and who do you look to for inspiration?

Nightingale: My style is a little of all that. Its funny when you first start out people associate you style with kind of music that you rock to, but my producers has given my so many different kind of tracks that I have been converting my style with the tracks. No one has ever written a track for me, I just say I like this one and I'm going write to it. But if I was to define my style I would say if was edgy, powerful and a little in your face. My inspirations are of course Mary J., Mary Mary, jocedi, SWV, Beyonce. People that you remember.

There are a lot of talented young singers trying to make there mark on the
industry, how do you intend to stand out and make yours?

Nightingale: Performance is a place where I think that I can make my mark, I want to sing you a story and at the end, you know that its the truth. You will believe that Nightingale was there and this actually took place, even if I didn't write it ( but I probably did write it) Also, I want to stand out with my songwriting. I think with my arrangements and ideas for songs, that should make a difference. Everyone at some point could relate to my songs.

When did you start working with Pro Ghetto Entertainment and how have they
helped your career thus far?

Nightingale: I have been with Proghetto for over 5 yrs, so we are all really tight. There are no egos involved and we all support one another in everything. We got that saying "if one pop off, we all pop off". So we push one another all the time. I work with a a bush of dudes, so I got that swagger, and you need to have that in this business, especially if you are a female. You have to learn and understand the business. These guys taught me that. Everybody and their mama can sing, that's why you have to set yourself apart. I think I'm finally getting a little buzz and that's due to Proghetto Entertainment and their hard work. We don't stop

You've performed at some rather large and important venues, please share some of
your experiences with the readers.

Nightingale: Unfortunately, I don't have my bio in front of me. You could find it at . but here a few that I remember. The BVI Music Festival held in the Caribbean, Get Your Buzz up finalist, AD the General Park Tours. My manager just tells me where and I get there. I just like to keep busy. I'm always humble and will perform for 1 or 1,000. Its all love.

A lot of females do crazy things to get in this business since its mainly male
dominated and the perception is that you can make a lot of money in this game,
as a female making her way up the ladder what's your view on that?
Nightingale: Its true, a man is a man, even in a suit. Not all men just see a woman as a potential bag, but there are a few in the business. You have to build a strong team. You have to stay professional. The professionals that see your true talents and want make some money will gravitate towards you. Also, i have a strong manager (male), so after we chat I always refer them to my manager and he is about his business. So if he doesn't get a call back, we know it wasn't music business on your mind.

Who are some of the producers your working with on your current project and who,
if you had the chance to, in the game would you like to record with?

Nightingale: Right now I'm working with Nomercy (not only an artist, he produces as well) C-Sik and QC. Still looking for a few more, so get at me!! I would love to record with Keisha Coles, Neo, Alicia Keys, Missy, Mary J, Mario, just to name a few.

We all know todays technology has helped and hurt the game, how do you use it to
your advantage?

Nightingale: Well as far as recording, back in the day you couldn't send me music quickly. Today you can email me a song, I will write to it, lay it down with all the vocals and send it back in 4 hrs completed. And that's only with my crappy equipment in my house. So that's good. illegal downloading is bad, very bad. Buying CD's from my web page is good, You see technology has its pros and cons

Ok pick one and tell us why..

Gerald Levert or Keith Sweat?

Nightingale: Keith Sweat ( there is concert coming up, if you guys get tickets, holla ) more my type of hits

Ralph Tresvant or Tevin Campbell?

Nightingale: Ralph Tresvant (lead of New Edition, are you kidding, hands down)

Neyo or Mario?

Nightingale: Neo (that's where i want to be right now musically)

Dream or Bobby Valentino?

Nightingale: Dream ( digging his voice, its different)

J Holiday or Tyrese?

Nightingale: Tyrese (sexy, sexy,sexy, do you guys have his number. lol)

Ok enough of that..the readers want to know your current status, pick one-
Single and ready tomingle/Married so leave me alone/Dating just to do it /Music
is My boyfriend.

Nightingale: Music is my boyfriend, music is always true to me and I love the way it makes me feel. but I am single

Where can fans find you online?

Nightingale:You can find me at, at

Any shouts or plugs

Nightingale: Shout out to NoMercy, Jason Spawn Manager Mogul, Queen, and to the Blyden Crew - J Hatch



BB Kings NYC for the 2009 UMA'S
Soul Café
Faces In The Crowd Showcase
B.Bernard Brown Show
El Flamingo
Club Demeraras (Opened for Coco Brovaz)
Get Your Buzz Up Show at Don Hill’s
Hip Hop Fest (Massachusetts)
Salem Lights Showcase (Russell Simmons)
El Reye Theatre (Los Angeles)
BVI Music Festivale (British Islands w/ Maxi Priest)
Plugin u In Showcase Hosted by Big Cal
Elegant Hoodness Showcase
Urban Threshold Underground Royalty Showcase
721 Productions Showcase Hosted by DJ Kay Slay
Spit Fire Showcase
iStandard Producer Showcase Hosted by J Hatch (NYC and Philly)
Ace of Spades Showcase
Rockstar Arena Showcase
The Elegent Hoodness Park Tour Sponsored by Rap Fanatic
Beats on The Beach Miami Music Seminar 2008
New Music Seminar Cleveland Ohio 2008

2009 Corporate Take Over Hosted by: DJ Sik Chyld
Nightingale ‘Mood Swings’

Press Appearances Aug 08 Aug 08 Sept 08 Oct 08 Sept 08- TBP

DJ Big Cal “Local Spin”
Hate Money Radio with DJ BedTyme 357
98.9 Vibes Radio DJ Alleck Cayman Islands


2009 Underground Music Award for " Best R&B Female"
Licensed Music to 40 Episodes of The MTV Series ‘Undressed’

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Nightingale is a gifted singer, talented entertainer, and an outstanding songwriter. Her music is so down to earth, honest and realistic that you feel like you are going through the moment with her.

Nightingale was born in New York and he parents are from St. Lucia and St. Thomas in the British Virgin Islands. She has performed at many New York venues such as: Nells, Soul Café, B.Bernard Brown Show, Wilson’s, El Flamingo, and opened for Kanye West at Club Float. She was also was featured artist for Hip-Hop Fest sponsored by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was a Salem Lights event finalist given by Russell Simmons and performed at El Rey Theatre in LA. She has also gained international praise and admiration while opening up for Maxi Priest and jazz great Jon Lucien, at the BVI Music Fest held in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Nightingale has been well received by both music industry insiders as well as top fashion designers. Her music has been chosen for 40 episodes on the hit MTV series “Undressed”. There is no doubt that her singing and song writing ability will continue to gain momentum. Nightingale has the talent and the drive to not only meet the current industry standards but to also raise the bar.

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