The Nightingales

The Nightingales

 Birmingham, England, GBR

The Nightingales are morally sound, cynically sweet, disturbingly comedic and all carelessly and unconsciously cool. The Nightingales are unreal...the level of playing song writing after their post-punk hiatus is unparallelled by any of their generational comeback cohorts.


In 1976 singer Robert Lloyd, with guitarist/drummer brothers Alan and Paul Apperley formed The Prefects - Birmingham's first punk group. The band were part of The Clash's 'White Riot Tour', toured with Buzzcocks, played with The Slits, The Fall, The Damned and many others, before recording two sessions for the John Peel radio show. The band acquired legendary status in the UK, partly because no records were released until the band had split up, and then, up until recently, only one posthumous single on Rough Trade.

However, in November 2004 a retrospective compilation "Amateur Wankers" was released by NYC label Acute Records which, twenty five years after the group's demise, garnered praise all over, from webzines to Rolling Stone. The interest was such that now a 'Live in 1978' CD has also been released. The Prefects' final line up transformed into The Nightingales.

Changing direction and personnel frequently, The Nightingales helped bring much needed experimentation and iconoclasm to the indulgent '80s. Based around Lloyd, the group's various line-ups regularly toured their eclectic and unpredictable rock music in the UK and Northern Europe, as headliners, supporting acts as diverse as Bo Diddley and Nico and appearing at festivals in Holland, Germany, Switzerland and, of course, Britain, including Glastonbury.

Through the 1980's the group recorded for Rough Trade and Cherry Red Records before Lloyd started his own Vindaloo label. They released many critically acclaimed singles (Six consecutive 'Singles Of The Week' in NME and/or Sounds) and three albums, in addition to recording numerous sessions for their great champion John Peel. Gleeful audiences and rave reviews were standard. All the time The 'Gales remained fiercely independent outsiders but nevertheless inspired some of the big wigs in the UK's music industry and have often been name dropped by an array of characters from Alan McGee,
founder of Creation Records, to John Taylor of Duran Duran.

Since the band split up, in the late 80's, there have been two CD compilations of The 'Gales work released by Demon Records and Cherry Red, again to glowing press. During the early 90's Robert Lloyd was signed up by Virgin Records and continued to record sessions for his long time admirer John Peel, for whom, in these various incarnations, he recorded more sessions than any artist bar The Fall.

The Nightingales reformed infrequently before starting again in earnest in Spring 2004, with Lloyd being joined by original Prefect Alan Apperley and, initially, by former 'Gales Peter 'The Tank' Byrchmore and Eamonn Duffy, plus ex PWEI drummer Fuzz Townshend (Followed soon after by Volcano The Bear's Aaron Moore). Continuing to play intelligent, unclassifiable rock music around Lloyd's unique lyrics, the group remained as independent and offbeat as ever.

They recorded and released four 7" vinyl singles on their own Big Print label over an eight month period from July 04. With several line up changes along the way, based around Lloyd and Apperley, The Nightingales have also taken their oddly dynamic live act on the road in England and, for the first time, the USA. The American shows took in the 2005 SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas as well as headlining shows in Chicago and New York, which were 'Pick Of The Week' in the Chicago Reader and Village Voice respectively.

In 2006 the group released a new single on Fake Product Records and found, at last, a settled and startling line up - Lloyd, Apperley, Daren Garratt (ex Pram) on drums, bassist Ste Lowe and wunderkind guitar player Matt Wood. The band began gigging more solidly, have recorded a number of radio sessions and released a new album - "Out Of True" - in October 2006 on Iron Man Records.

The Nightingales toured England following the release of OOT and in '07 embarked on their second tour of America. The group have a new 6 track mini album - "What's Not To Love?" released on April 30 by Caroline True Records and will be playing more shows in the UK and mainland Europe during the rest of the year.


Idiot Strength 45
7" Rough Trade/Vindaloo RT075/UGH4

Use Your Loaf 45
7" Cherry Red CHERRY34

Paraffin Brain c/w Elvis, The Last Ten Days 45
7" Cherry Red CHERRY38

Peel Session #3 EP
12" Cherry Red 12CHERRY44

Pigs On Purpose LP
12" Cherry Red BRED39

Urban Ospreys c/w Cakehole 45
7" Cherry Red CHERRY56

Crafty Fag 45
7" Red Flame/Ink INK71

Hysterics LP
12" Red Flame/Ink INK1

The Crunch EP
12" Vindaloo YUS1

Just the Job LP
12" Vindaloo International VILP1

It's a Cracker 45
7" Vindaloo UGH9

What A Carry On EP
12" Vindaloo YUS4
+ How To Age c/w Heroin
7" flexi disc Vindaloo International VILP2

This (package)
12"/7"/flexi disc/booklet/postcard/lyrics
Vindaloo International VILP2X

Rockin' With Rita 45
by 'The Vindaloo Summer Special'
7" WEA/Vindaloo UGH13/12" WEA/Vindaloo UGH13T

In The Good Old Country Way LP
12" Vindaloo YUS7

Peel Session #1 EP
12" Strange Fruit SFPS052

What A Scream (1980-86) LP
CD Demon/Mau Mau MAUCD607

Pissed & Potless - The Definitive Nightingales Collection LP
CD Cherry Red CDM RED 18

Black Country c/w Coo-Ca-Choo 33
7" Big Print YAM1

Workshy Wunderkind 45
7" Big Print YAM2

EFL (Sex & God Knows What) 45
7" Big Print YAM3

Pigs On Purpose LP
CD Cherry Red Records CDM RED 260

Grudge Match EP
CD Big Print ETC1

Devil In The Detail 45
7" Big Print YAM4

Hysterics LP
CD Cherry Red CDM RED 289

In The Good Old Country Way LP
CD Caroline True CTRUE1

Let's Think About Living 45
7" Fake Product FAKE7IN002

Out Of True LP
CD Iron Man Records IMB 6017

What's Not To Love? LP
CD Caroline True CTRUE5

13 Oct 80
Start From Scratch/Butter Bricks/Torn/12 Years
7 Jul 81
Return Journey/(One) Mistake/Bushbeat/Inside Out
18 Mar 82
Give 'em Time/Which Hi-Fi/My Brilliant Career/The Son of Gods Mate
Blood For Dirt/Joking Apart/O.K. Chorale/The Crunch/It Lives Again!
4 Apr 83
Urban Ospreys/Yeah It's Okay /The Bending End/The Whys of
Acknowledgement/Only My Opinion
12 Dec 83
Look Satisfied/All Talk/This/Not Man Enough
11 Mar 85
How To Age/Heroin/First My Job/Part-time Moral England
26 Mar 86
Down In The Dumps/Coincidence/At the End of the Day/Rockin' With Rita

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