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"Press Release 01/07/2011 Nightinghales, new LP release, "The Dark Rift""

January 7, 2011, Minneapolis, MN:
Re: CD release party for “The Dark Rift” from Minneapolis band Nightinghales (sic).
Contact: Ben Sommers Bachman (612) 309-9871 or Michael Lopez @ (701) 330-3187

Nightinghales, a Twin Cities-based indie pop/rock band, announce the February 2011 release of their third full length recording, titled “The Dark Rift”.

The official CD release party is scheduled for:
Friday, February 25, 2011
Kitty Cat Klub, (in the Dinkytown/UM campus area).
(315 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 (612) 331-9800).
The show bill includes Pink Mink, City Pages “Picked to Click” 2010 band of the year along with Magic Castles.

This latest Nightinghales effort features 11 new, original songs from the band. Known for their blend of inspired vintage rock guitar and piano-driven American roots rock, this release finds the band beginning to explore a darker emotional and aural landscape. Standouts include:
• “Robbie Racocoa”, a love song for a dying pet. (track 5)
• “Old Time Religion”, a tale of conflicting beliefs between generations at a holiday dinner (track 6)
• “Vegas Rag”, a rollicking honky tonkin’ story of a fateful trip to Las Vegas. (track 8)

About Nightinghales
Nightinghales are a five piece band hailing from the Northeast Minneapolis area. The band was founded in 2005 by former members of Faux Jean and Idle hands. The band has a unique sound based on lead singer Ben Sommers Bachman’s arresting vocals and Michael Paul Lopez’s talented guitar work.

For further information, photos and sound samples, please visit the bands electronic press kit at

To speak directly with the band, please contact:
Ben Sommers Bachman (612) 309-9871
Michael Lopez (709) 330-3187
Requests for information can be made to
- Nightinghales

"Press for the Nightinghales "No Looking Back" LP"

Nightinghales, No Looking Back
Without backing themselves into a cover-band corner, Nightinghales successfully channel that immaculate sonic pining of late-’60s/early-’70s influences like The Kinks, early Rolling Stones, and The Velvet Underground on their third album, No Looking Back. Still, their sound isn’t retro so much as gladly nostalgic, offering the ease of a buoyant semi-sadness fueled by Telecaster guitars, the infectious piano of Steve Bakken, and the comfortable lead vocals of Ben Sommers Bachman. Sincere and energetic, the track “Don’t Pretend” kicks off No Looking Back with accordion blending into the band’s already rich palette. Gradually, the record eases into more aching songs like “Buddy Wooly,” a harmonious ’60s-tinged sigh-inducer, and the “The Longest Road,” an exceptionally well-executed alt-country ballad complete with slide guitar and the overlap of melancholic voices.
Grade: A
Onion A.V Club/

Nightinghales/No Looking Back
The Nightinghales are saddled with a name that's just begging to be mistaken, misheard and/or misspelled. But their latest disc "No Looking Back" makes up for all that with a keenly focused, instantly graspable sound that dabbles in '60s psychedelic garage punk and '70s glam rock. It's great stuff.
Sound Affects /St Paul Pioneer Press/Ross Raihala

Nightinghales/No Looking Back
Nightinghales have a pretty good grasp on what it takes to be poptastic! Let’s not tempt fate by using expressions like soaring but I reckon there are a lot of folks out there that would be pretty pleased to hear what they’ve got to offer. The Next Big Thing 6/14/09

…the Nightinghales have created a punchy, memorable sub-genre all their own…A summer classic-in-the-making, and one you shouldn't miss.
Round the Dial /Tom Hallett

With a sound that's pure, melodic rock n' roll at its finest, the band's brand new CD No Looking Back is bound to be one of the hottest albums of the season.
Secrets of the City

The Nightinghales have been pleasing indie rock, dance, and folk audiences alike with their vintage sounding Kinks-esque pop tunes …
Le’Touile Magazine

Nightinghales brings on good times and an authentic Brit Rock experience. Nightinghales are by no means trying to break new ground, but rather re-casting some of the best sounds of the ‘70s and ‘80s into original rock in a contemporary and fashionable package. …remarkably good, and from my listens so far, it’s an accessible, enjoyable, re-spinnable, not to be overlooked gem. deYoung
- multiple sources


You can find videos of the band performing live on YouTube, simply search for the dishfunctional channel. Some additional compilation videos can also found at the Minneapolis Underground video 'zine page at

"The Dark Rift" Self released, 11 song full length LP.
A lyrically darker, introspective album of original songs.
Recommended tracks include "Robbie Rococa", a pretty, pop oreinted love song to a family pet, "Vegas Rag" about a fateful trip to Las Vegas and "Old Time Religion", a tale of conflicting beliefs between generations at a holiday dinner.

"Faves and Raves 2005-2009", a retrospective.
A limited edition, self released retrospective LP of 10 songs.

2009/April -
"No Looking Back" Self released. 11 song full length LP.
Two songs received some regular play. "Don"t Pretend" garnered rotation all summer long on local indie rock powerhouse station KCMP "the Current 89.3". The song "GM Polka" had rotation on IPR station WOUM Radio K and community owned radio station KFAI as a featured local band release.

"Boy Named Crow" A 7" split single with Faux Jean on blue vinyl on the Miniature Records Club label.

"Leaves of Green, Songs of Blue". Self released full length 10 song LP.
Airplay for the song "Leave Me Here Tonight."

A five song, self released EP



Formed in Minneapolis in late 2004, the band Nightinghales (sic) is a currently unsigned indie pop/rock band that plays inspired original music. The band is led by the songwriting team of Ben Sommers Bachman, a Wisconsin native, and Michael Paul Lopez, originally of Grand Forks, ND. The two Gen-Y singer/songwriters share lead guitar and vocals, with Sommers Bachman composing and playing piano on a number of songs.

The two formed the original version of Nightinghales after working together in the Minneapolis Britrock band The Idle Hands. Lopez had also been part of another popular Twin Cities band, Faux Jean, known for its similar fashion and musical style. Both members share a common love of bands like the American inspired, British blues bands the Kinks and the Rolling Stones, plus a healthy appetite for the art and style of artists and bands as diverse as the Velvet Underground, John Cale, Alex Chilton, Brian Eno, David Bowie and the New York Dolls.

Together they formed the band Nightinghales in the fall of 2005 and released a 5-song, self produced EP in the spring of 2006. In the fall of 2006, personnel changes occurred, with Ben's wife Missi Sommers Bachman taking over the drums, giving the band a Mo Tucker vibe. Shortly thereafter, in the spring of 2007, a full length album, Leaves of Green, Songs of Blue was recorded and released locally to warm reviews and a few plays on local radio. In May of 2007, current bassist Ross Nueske joined the band.

This lineup began gathering attention for their unique sound, stylish look and obvious love of piano driven, sometimes frenetic, folksy rock and roll. Musical influences are unabashedly displayed, ranging from touches of retro-glam, an appreciation for country rock pioneers the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Byrds, and the stripped down, more contemporary sounds of bands like the Jacobites and the Libertines. While the recordings include some lovely, quirky ballads, the intensity of the Nightinghales live show has caught many a show-goer by surprise. It is, by all accounts, a caffeinated, contemporary approach to vintage-inspired rock and roll. The music appeals to a variety of musical tastes and has proven especially popular with fans of classic, blues-based pub rock, as well as Britpop and indie-style alternative music. The band is equally adept at Americana flavored alt-country.

In June of 2007, they recorded a limited issue, blue vinyl split 7 inch single with Faux Jean titled Boy Named Crow, a catchy, driving song complete with jangly guitar, a fairytale storyline and stuttering lyrics. Another band favorite, Sick of the City, appeared on an Obama campaign support website in the fall of 2008.

In 2009, the band self produced a second full length album No Looking Back, built on a foundation of urgent, cautionary tales, a dash of danger and a dare-to-have-fun appeal. The song Don't Pretend garnered regular summer rotation on NPR's premier indie rock station, the Current 89.3. The band produced a signature rock and roll event, A Musical Circus at the Ritz Theater, held in late September 2009 featuring circus acts, rock bands, old time movies, dance and burlesque. A limited edition10 song retrospective release Faves and Raves 2005 - 2009 followed, closing out the year. February 2011 saw the release of the band's thrid full length recording, "The Dark Rift", with Sergio Hernandez, (Phantom Tails, Plastic Chord) handling keyboards.

Casual photos, video and shows are available at