Night Knights

Night Knights

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Night Knights music is a mix of Jazz, Rock, Latin, Soul, with a flair for being entertaining with musical surprises. Not that same old instrumental band stuff. We take the experience of everyone to come up with a new sound.


Night Knights is Sylvester Arnold, Jr., Glenn J. Guichard, Michael Coleman, Michael Thornton, and Ron Gray . The quintet has been together for over a decade. Versatility and flexibility are important to the group's identity. All of the Knights play multiple instruments and take pride and great pleasure in playing a variety of musical idioms. A typical Night Knights set may include Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Reggae, and R & B. All of their selections are performed with a playful, yet, respectful approach. Night Knights, as the name implies, has a classy, almost regal musical philosophy. Their aim is to please with a mature, adult sound. The group resists the restrictions of labeling. They fee! comfortable in a variety of settings and locations. Night Knights has performed for a number of Chicago area politicians and celebrities including: Roland Burris, Mel Reynolds, Judge Ellis Reed, John Stroger, Carol Mosley-Braun, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Minister Louis Farrakahn (70th Birthday party), Oprah Winfrey, just to name a few. Organizations such as the Young Executives in Politics, Female Entrepreneurs, Black Data Processor's Association, Literacy Chicago, General Electric Corp., Playboy Corp., the City of Chicago Mayor's Office of Special Events and many others have enjoyed the relaxing musical styling of Night Knights. Sylvester Arnold, Jr.—Bass/Keys, Ron Gray —, Thornton—Drums Glenn J. Guichard—All Horns Michael Coleman—Guitar
Music for Adults


Midnight in Slinky Town

A 10 track CD available on,, Napster,

Set List

Our Set list include a variety of songs from our CD Midnight in Slinky Town and Covers. our set are made to fit the venue and situation. In a live club set we would play for 45 minutes to and hour. We do covers like Footprints, From the Beginning, Delightful, Stolen Moments, and Pick up the Pieces but with our own arangments.
Footprints- Cover
Midnight in Slinky Town - CD