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Night Manager

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Night Manager: Wolf Pyramid"

Brooklyn rising newcomers Night Manager's (who we had on these insignificant pages roughly one month ago) drummer Ezana Edwards just sent over the band's most fabulous track to date, Wolf Pyramid, which has already been featured on Altered Zones a few days ago but which is now available here in a slightly different, a little more polished version with an altered mix mainly for the vocal and guitar tracks. In any case, the one thing that has not changed is the fact that Night Manager effortlessly continue to amaze us, Wolf Pyramid is another straightforward and powerful fuzzy garage tune that simply fulfills every criteria we've ever set regarding the perfect pop song. - No Fear of Pop

"Night Manager//Blackout Sex"

Brooklyn’s Night Manager: a trifecta of musicians spanning from San Fransisco to Paris purveying lo-fi, buzzsaw’d gems. Along a similar vein as fellow BK noise-mongers Coasting or Total Slacker, the DIY sound becoming synonymous with the area flows to no end and is perfectly demonstrated in “Blackout Sex”. Rough and unpolished yet unabashedly honest. - Weekly Tape Deck

"Night Manager, “Blackout Sex” MP3"

Can’t actually understand the lyrics to this song, but it’s probably for the best: “Blackout Sex” just prompted the FADER office to discuss our collective intimacy issues for about five to seven minutes. The boys started the convo. It seems that we, along with the entire world, have weird problems connecting with people we love, despite our staff’s general charm and gregariousness. We blame Twitter. As for Brooklyn’s Night Manager, don’t know if they know about love, but if they keep making this type of ennui-tinged grungy pop, they’re gonna have a lot of suitors to work out their issues with.

- Fader

"Night Manager//I Want the Knife"

Fresh out of the Brooklyn ovens comes a glooming new Night Manager tune, slightly slower and considerably darker like your favorite post Halloween nightmare. I Want the Knife once again exposes the quartet's striking approach towards hazy and fuzzed out pop music, inheriting the most rewarding features of all decades to come up with something new.

Check here and here for more Night Manager tunes. - No Fear of Pop

"Night Manager//I Want the Knife"

This new Night Manager tracks "I Want the Knife" keeps pace with their other tracks in that it's incredibly infectious, woozy, reverb-blurred, and master of the backup-vocal "ooh".

Funny thing about this song is it feels succinctly in line with the kind of music fellow Brooklyn compatriots will play alongside (like at an upcoming show with The Beets, Total Slacker, the Babies and Eternal Summers on November 17, Monster Island basement), but those guitar solos sneak jazz arpeggios right under the Maître d's table cloth. (We've said the same thing about Total Slacker.) - Impose Magazine

"Sometime's I Feel Like a Night Manager"

Yet another good Brooklyn band, Night Manager. Although these guys have a twist in that they're not actually from Brooklyn but are all over the States and Paris apparently. Im not sure what difference that makes to their sound, but its all slapping drums, fuzzy groaning guitars, echo stretched vocals and unfulfilled aggression, hence the Blackout Sex - but I'm only guessing.
One to keep tabs on for sure. - Sonic Masala

"New From Night Manager"

We talked about Night Manager here a few months ago when we got our hands on their track “Wolf Pyramid,” and now the band has sent along another new track for us all to enjoy. It’s a quick, scuffed up lo-fi number entitled “I Want the Knife.” It still has all the hallmarks of what endeared Night Manager to us earlier in the year – Caitlin’s breathy vocals, that rough-around-the-edges, brooding feeling that contrasts the vocals, the punctuated drumming.

“I Want the Knife” is just over two minutes long, so it doesn’t get bogged down in repetition. This one is straight-ahead, no frills, no nonsense. The band only has one show lined up – on November 19th in Brooklyn – but that date has them sharing the bill with the likes of The Beets, Total Slacker and Eternal Summers. That should make for a great show.

No word on any official release from the band at this point, but with what they have on their MySpace and now this, they could easily scrounge up an EP. Someone make it happen. Also, only me and one other guy like Night Manager on Facebook?! Let’s change that as well. - Tympanogram

"New Artist: NIght Manager"

Night Manager are a Brooklyn band made up of a bunch of expratiate from differnt parts of the world like Paris, Upstate New York, San Francisco and Connecticut. Together they make up the extremely wonderful lo-fi sounds of Night Manager. I still haven’t seen their live show but if their recorded tracks are any indication they are very melodic and catchy even though I can’t understand what they’re singing. Most of the lo-fi bands I’ve heard sound better during their shows than their single or albums, The Fresh & Onlys. The have a couple of shows coming up in Brooklyn. You can hear more of them on myspace and see their tour dates below.

- Jp's Blog

"Love: Night Manager"

Sleep on these silky harmonies and cotton ball guitar fuzz because the only sharp edges on these tracks by Night Manager are the unexpected turns on the vocal melody that shoot sparks into these cumulus fields.

And for the record I would hope that everyone's blackout sex sounds like this:
- Impose Magazine

"Night Manager: Wolf Pyramid"

Busy destroying live sets and home-recording several new tracks, BK newcomers Night Manager have been steadily on the grind. Starting off with a clamor which is then contained and followed by sharp guitar licks and cavernous "oohs and aahs," "Wolf Pyramid" is nearly four minutes of raw energy. Word is they're prepping songs for a future home somewhere, so stay tuned.
- Altered Zones

"Night Manager: Wolf Pyramid"

If you like your lo-fi really lo-fi, you'll probably be into this so-in-the-red-it's-bleeding cut from Brooklyn noise-pop upstarts Night Manager. It doesn't look like there are any releases on the horizon from these folks yet, so feel free to blow your eardrums out with this one for the time being. (via Weekly Tape Deck/Altered Zones) - Pitchfork


7" singles to be released on Firetalk and Impose Records



we met at a slam dunk competition in roslyn new york and had such chemistry on the court we decided to start a band called 'night manager' based on the unreleased book by hunter s thompson depicting his stint as manager of the mitchell brother's gentlemen's club in san francisco where a young ezana edwards attended at 11:19 am on his 18th birthday and at the expense of his neighbors uncle received his first lap dance climaxing shortly thereafter ruining his corduroy pants. Years later this band was created as an homage to the fallen pants and the millions of potential lives lost in between the grooves of the corduroy.