Nightmare Logic

Nightmare Logic


What if Rage Against The Machine and Rob Zombie had a bastard love child? It would certainly be called Nightmare Logic. The music is high energy groove oriented rock that will get a crowd bouncing.


Nightmare Logic’s music can be described as a merger of cerebral lyrics fused with catchy hooks and melodies layered with intense rock amid a groove rhythm foundation. A fan described it as the bastard love child of Rage Against the Machine and Rob Zombie and that is as good a description as any we have heard.

Themes of the band include nightmare imagery, apocalyptic references, multicultural symbolism, a questioning of reality, and the euphoric aggregation of all the themes while avoiding ‘cheap’ shock value. Shows are high energy events where a reaction from the crowd isn’t expected but is assured. Nightmare Logic is completely fan centric with none of the pretension and aloofness so prevalent these days, instead focusing on connectedness with an audience.

Nightmare Logic is the amalgamation of a group of artists uniting to create something intense, fresh but still accessible, catchy and commercially viable. The roots of band date back to the early part of the decade where Justin Stage and Bryan Cleary both played in the death metal outfit Still Born. They played together over the next 7 years developing their skills and evolving their sound. Ian Duer of the Austin rock band Spitting Angels joined the project in 2008 after hearing the potential of music. In April of 2009 after an arduous search for the right drummer the newly formed Nightmare Logic decided upon PJ Lang former studio musician and drummer in hard cord bands Throwdown and DoubleTap. The band has been furiously writing material and recorded an EP with producer David Dreesen at Jacketweather studios. The EP is due for release by Christmas ‘09. Selected rough cut tracks from those sessions are featured on this electronic press kit. Nightmare logic is now bringing their energy and enthusiasm to stages around the US and abroad.


Nightmare Logic EP 2009

Set List

We have a set list that ranges from 6 to 12 songs (depending on allotted time) 1 to 2 of which are covers. Our most notable cover is a rock version of "What's on Your Mind" by Information society.