NIGHTMARES is a heavy metalcore band from up-state, NY that set out in 2009


Since the start, the band has not lost sight of their original goal, to create music that can appeal to many audiences. With hard hitting breakdowns, heartfelt melodies and emotion behind every word David Fox sings, the band appeals to headbangers and "heart-throbs" equally.

Whether you're in to the genre or not, NIGHTMARES' live show is one that stands out. Each member puts forth 100% effort and energy in to their performance no matter how big, small or diverse the crowd is. This shows that NIGHTMARES has tons of passion and understands how important it is to impress every single person in the room in one way or another. The band is always keeping it fresh and interesting and has gained a very large following from their live show alone.


In June of 2011, NIGHTMARES released their first EP titled "The Suppression." This EP was made up of the best 7 songs the band had written until that point. Physical copies were made and distributed through their online merch store, iTunes and of cores at every show.

Summer of 2012 brought a lot of success and attention to NIGHTMARES. Their single "You Push" was released digitally and many would agree that it was their best release yet.