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"Night Moves (ABC Pick)"

Oh what a misleading name Night Moves has. The band doesn’t play the Chevy truck promoting, American beer drinking, balls flashing rock of its namesake, Bob Seger, at all, being instead devoted to a yacht rockier brand of soft, smooth tunes. It’s possible Night Moves is Adrian Finch’s joke band, a way of unwinding for the ex-Master of the Hemisphere, but there’s not much that smells of parody. In other words, if it is a joke, it’s not a joke about yacht rock but a loose collection of self-amused songs that use that form out of love.

The few songs posted on the band's MySpace page (the entirety of the band’s online presence so far) don’t quite convey the passion put into their live interpretation, but they do make you want to crack open a brew and chill out in a kiddie pool or slow dance a little drunkenly and not very seriously in the backyard. There are cool, gently funky keyboards sometimes turned to the “organ” settting, the weak beat of a drum machine (the cheapness of the sound makes it appealing in the same way as comedy about physical weakness, both hilarious and vintage) and a need to go falsetto on every song. “Meth Lab” has the latter in spades in its plea to the subject of the song to change her ways, and it’s not afraid to return to the hook, again and again and again, grabbing all the parts of your body that can swivel and making them do just that.

So perhaps the band is called Night Moves in reference to dancing rather than Bob Seger, or perhaps it’s about the horizontal bop (there’s a little sexy buried in the joke). Either way, autumn’ll be coming on before long, so get your summer on while you can.

Hillary Brown - Flagpole Magazine

"My Last 'Fest"

(Athfest 08 review)
SAT: I've done my time in the Saturday outdoor heat. This year, I took it easy during the day and Legal Bitch and I made a firm decision that our first show of the night would be to see Night Moves (Gold) at the Caledonia. I would say this was the best "surprise" of the 'Fest. They were spot-on the entire set. I've seen them play a while back, but they really nailed it and despite what you "music is good no matter what time of day it is" people say, getting the crowd going at 8 PM when it's still light and everyone's sober is no easy feat. They pulled it off. - The Day Jobs


Night Moves '08 (EP)
Make Vacation (Single)
(upcoming) Stranger in the Window of Love (LP)



A toe tapping daydream of night time soul swaying grooving, NIGHT MOVES GOLD takes songwriter Adrian Finch's (elfpower, Masters of the Hemisphere, Summer Hymns) dreamy pop songwriting into a neo-soul/psyche direction. The smooth sails of the live show have set fire and wet panties many a night.
The five members are joined by blood and friendship and have played in many Athens group together for over 12 years. We have opened for bands such as of Montreal and Still Flyin' and charmed audiences with disarmlingly soulful grooves and unpredictable and exciting energy.