Los Angeles, California, USA

"Gravelly vocals, well-crafted melodies and harmonies, sick guitar solos, serious bass, and drums that mean business."


"Los Angeles-based rock-soul band, NIGHT ON FIRE, blends hard-hitting rock with blues-driven vocals and fiery harmonies, creating a unique, original sound. Founded in 2008, Night on Fire began as a two piece band formed by friends Greg Murray (guitar/vocals) and Yaya Castaneda (drums/vocals) drawing influence by bands such as The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and many more. The 2010 additions of Harley Duggan (bass) and Anthony Mancini (guitar) transformed Night on Fire into a four-piece powerhouse that is quickly becoming known for their live energy and explosive sound that fuses grit and groove."

Night On Fire has shared the stage with the likes of Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights an F-Stop/Atlantic records artist, Twilight fronted band 100 Monkeys, The Mighty Regis, Bleeding Through, and In This Moment.

Greg Murray - Guitar/Vox
Murray first started playing guitar in late 2004, idolizing legendary guitarists Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dan Auerbach, Jack White, Johnny Winter, and John Mayer. He started writing songs and finding a voice in both his guitar playing and song writing that he never knew existed. Upon a jam session in an acoustic room at a local music store, Murray and his friend YaYa Castaneda came up with the idea for a song; which grew into what is now Run Alex Run. That chance meeting between Murray and Castaneda became the foundation of the powerhouse now known as NightOnFire.

Yaya Castaneda - Drums/Vox
Yaya started out as a singer/songwriter playing the guitar and bass. In 2007, she took a shot at the drums and found a home behind the kit. She began as the drummer for Jeff Agia of Sandman the guitar man, which eventually led to countless shows with local Los Angeles band 100 Monkeys, fronted by Jackson Rathbone of Twilight. When The Sandman split up, she began searching for a new project. Upon a chance meeting in a music store, Yaya and friend Greg Murray, found themselves knee deep in a jam session where they found thier styles and ideas quickly jelled. From there they decided to pursue a project together and formed the infant stages of NightOnFire. Yaya's drum influences are Sheila E., Prince, Stevie Wonder, Buddy Miles, Dave Grohl, Danny Carey, Stephen Perkins, Mitch Mitchell, Jack White, John Bonham, Chris Dave, Questlove, and many more.

Anthony Mancini - Lead Guitar/Vox
Anthony began playing guitar at age 16 in Buffalo, NY. With a talented musical family and a Blues upbringing, Anthony was literally baptized to and draws most inspiration from such guitar greats as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Collins, Albert King and Eric Clapton. After spending his college years playing all over New York, in the summer of 2007 he picked up and moved himself to Chicago where he found himself an in-demand Blues/Funk/Neo-soul session player. Anthony performed with many of Chicago's premier Neo-Soul Artists such as Spike Rebel, Eric Idol, and Quest. After establishing himself in the hard-nose music scene on Chicago's South Side, he moved to LA in 2008 to progress his career in the industry. Anthony is the newest addition to Night on Fire as of the summer of 2010.

Harley Duggan a.k.a. Boom-Boom - Bass/Vox
“Bass... it’s in my blood, its my heart and soul...
and with a name like Harley Duggan... I wouldn’t have it any other way." Harley started playing bass back in 2005 and it wasn’t long before his mentor / friend, Greg Athes started turning him on to cats like James Jamerson, Jerry Jemmott, Chuck Rainey, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Stanley Clark, and Jaco Pastorius. Though, he credits his greatest influences John Paul Jones (for his phrasing / tone) and Michael Balzary, a.k.a Flea (for his energy and creativity) for all that is Duggan.

Set List

I Got Mine
You Know My Name
Run Alex Run
Jealous of Me
She Cries Black
When the Clock Strikes
Save Me From Myself
Lights Over the Hill
In the Darkness
Whipping Post

Fully equipped to play an hour long set or more.

Night on Fire's live show is energetic with thought provoking lyrics, gritty rock grooves, and bluesy-soulful vocals. The music is sure to capture the crowd.