Night Rider & Trashy

Night Rider & Trashy


A deadly fusion of Reggae/Dancehall with a splash of Hip-Hop, mixed with a little Soca, to form the perfect mix of a new generation of Caribbean music; Night Rider & Trashy is Cayman's newest and freshest up and coming duo. Look out for the new single - "Hypnotized", soon to be released!!


In late 2005, two long time friends came together and decided to start a djing group; they would call it 'C-Level Sound', because of the leader of the group's firstname - Charles, and because they lived on a small island in the Caribbean, it was a play on 'sea-level'. As the two friends' musical talent grew from djing together at various local gigs, so did their passion for music. And it was decided that, with the money acquired from djing, they would invest in setting up a home studio to start writing and producing their own music, and thus the duo Night Rider & Trashy was formed. Charles "Night Rider" Godet, singer/songwriter/producer, has been playing keyboard since the tender age of 7 and currently runs his own band, "C-Level Band", another branch of C-Level Entertainment. He specializes in the keyboard and piano, although he knows how to play a total of 12 instruments. Brad "Trashy" Scott, songwriter/rapper, has been writing lyrics from as far back as he can remember, and is the main songwriter for the duo. Night Rider & Trashy is the Cayman Islands' hottest up and coming duo. Look out for their latest single "Hypnotized" soon to be officially released!


Night Rider & Trashy Ft. Esperanza Colon - "Hypnotized" - Release set for July 2009