A good salad doesn't need to be drowned in dressing. The same goes for music. We are a rock trio who write solid songs. There isn't much more to it than that.


We are influnced by bands such as Husker Du, R.E.M., and Television. We like loud guitars, solid drum beats, and punchy bass lines. We write songs as a group and let them evolve over time. This allows everyone in the band to be an active contributor and lets the songs breathe and grow. We don't have a lead vocalist, but instead all share the role of singer. It is a way to make the vocals become as musch a part of the music as the rest of the instruments. We also strive to put on an enjoyable and energetic live show.


We have one self released LP titled "Stage Music." We have tracks on our Myspace page We are sometimes played on East Village Radio.

Set List

Our sets are usually 35-40 minutes. We normally play all originals, but may throw in a cover for fun.

Typical set List:
Street Sense
I'll Go Along
New Location
Killing Machine
Party Skin
Loons Moons and Prophesies