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Night Safari

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Pop


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The best kept secret in music


After two months it is safe to say that most bands are still figuring out their sound, writing songs and dreaming of playing shows for loads of fans. For Night Safari this is definitely not the case. After officially forming their band this summer they started to play shows right away and have already written, recorded and produced an album which will be released at their show this weekend. "We have achieved so much in a couple of months that we just want to keep pushing the envelope. That's why we made the album so quick. We started playing shows right away so that we were always on a deadline. It didn't give us any time to procrastinate," said Jean-Paul De Roover, vocals and guitar. De Roover along with Gaelin Brown, lead vocals and keyboard, Tyler Raynard, bass and Reggie Modin, drums, create an original sound that they dub as 'feel good rock' and that demonstrates a wide variety of musical influences. "We have songs that are very synthesizer based and others that are acoustic. There are even songs that start off jazzy and kind of end off with a very, very heavy rock sound," said De Roover. There is a little bit of ska in there too and I can definitely hear the reggae in Tyler's bass. It's definitely the most interesting music that I have created in a band situation before," added Brown. After playing with various bands and musicians, separately over the years all of the member's seem to agree that this is the most serious and enthusiastic they have ever been about a project and it is easy to see why. After just a week the bands MySpace account had about 700 visitors listening to their demos online and are starting to see a good fan base accumulating after playing a dozen shows at venues in Thunder Bay and Nipigon. "We just try to do as much as we can within the four instruments and kind of push the boundaries rather then just the standard band that has the same drum, bass, key and guitar sound," said Brown. "Being in this band is a lot of fun. If it wasn't fun or started to become work I am sure we wouldn?t be doing it." Night Safari's CD release party will be at Kilroy's on Friday, September 22 along with AdverseVitalSigns, Sueisfine, The Wayback, Forever Dead, The Set, Al Langlade and Amanda Soderholm. Doors open at 7 p.m. with Night Safari hitting the stage at 10:30 p.m.' - Tbsource

If you Google Night Safari you'll get lots of hits for a Singapore nature reserve zoo that comes alive after dark. On that same hit list is Thunder Bay's Night Safari who recently put out their first disc of infectious atmospheric rock. While Night Safari doesn't take you to an exotic zoo they do have an excellent disc that has a groove based vibe. The quartet of Gaelin Brown (lead vocals, synthesizer), Jean-Paul De Roover (vocals, guitar), Tyler Raynard (bass) and Reggie Modin (drums) sound like they've been together for years instead of months. Hooky, chilled-out grooves with bits of jazz, reggae, jam-rock and lots of surprises makes this an outstanding debut. They will be playing Best of the Best Two at Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, Oct., 20. For more info visit the band's s website: - Chronicle Journal

Have you heard about one of Thunder Bay's newest yet most talked about local bands, Night Safari? Well if you haven't, you'd better do some research, purchase their new album or attend one of their upcoming live performances. Featuring members of several local bands such as Vaya, Kangoskatbot and Freeground, the band possesses plenty of talent and experience, which provides for some unique and catchy pop rock music. Although Night Safari has only been a band for a few months, they have managed to accomplish as much in their time as some bands manage to accomplish in years. To celebrate their most recent accomplishment, the release of their self-produced CD, a party was held at Kilroys with several other acts to back them up. Quality sets by Forever Dead, The Set, The Wayback, Amanda Soderholm and AVS provided the energy this type of show needed to hype up the crowd. I've seen many of these bands on several occasions, yet each band continues to impress and entertain me whenever I see them. It was great to see other people up front singing along, dancing and pumping their fists in the air along with the tunes throughout the evening. By the time Night Safari took the stage, the crowd's excitement had reached its peak. Approximately 300 friends, family and fans were ready to enjoy one of Night Safari's biggest performances to date. Several plants were placed on the stage to create a jungle-like atmosphere that was an interesting concept that suited the band quite well. Night Safari sounded great, were extremely tight and, most of all, it was evident how much passion they had for the music they had created. The band went on to perform every song featured on their new CD, plus a few funk jam segues in between songs. It is quite evident how much the band has been enjoying their new-found success. "We're just glad that the reception was so great, and just plain old excited to finally have our music out there," says the band?s guitarist and singer, Jean-Paul De Roover. The band sold plenty of CD's and t-shirts throughout the evening, and they even managed to give away a free iPod to a lucky concert-goer, courtesy of LU Radio. De Roover believes that the band's success can be attributed to the fact that he and his band mates "all have a lot of drive". "We're passionate about the music we're making, and we're relentless in our approach to everything related to the band," De Roover says. The band hopes to eventually garner enough local support to propel them on a Canadian spring tour. I invite anyone who enjoyed the music of past projects by Night Safari members, or simply enjoys the sounds of relaxing and infectious melodies, to check out Night Safari's self-titled release. Within four days of the band's first release, the album has already reached number three on CILU radio's charts. Copies of the band's album are now available at CDplus and are available online through the band's website ( via Paypal. Night Safari's next live performance will be at the Auditorium's "Best of the Best" concert on October 20th along with AVS, Forever Dead, The Medeas, Speedway Detectives, Fragments of Four and This Audience. - Argus


#1 on CILU 102.7 FM for 3 weeks
#132 on National
for the month of October

4 tracks can be streamed from

Night Safari (self-titled)

Recorded by: Night Safari and Al Langlade
Mixed and Mastered by: Al Langlade
Produced by: Night Safari
Artwork: Gaelin Brown
8 tracks

Track Listing:
* 1. Tired But True
* 2. River of Time
* 3. Echo
* 4. Stay Home
* 5. We All Lie
* 6. Bar Star
* 7. Alchoholism Prison
* 8. Glorius


Feeling a bit camera shy


Night Safari began in July 2006, after a few jams with some well acquainted individuals.
Gaelin Brown had called up his favorite musicians in town, a few months prior, and asked if they wanted to back him up promoting his solo endeavours. Jean-Paul De Roover immediately signed on to the musical force, playing a few acoustic sets with Gaelin.
A couple of months rolled by with no word from any other musicians, until Reggie Modin and Tyler Raynard called Gaelin up in early July. After a couple of jams it was obvious that there was a strong musical connection between them. It was on that day they decided to form a band boasting catchy hooks and upbeat tunes.
Gaelin Brown, coming from the well received pop rock band Kangoskatbot, was accustomed to writing catchy hooks and had been honing is vocal styling for years.
Jean-Paul was the founder of a post-hardcore band Vaya that made press around the province. Gaelin was also a part of the band within the last few months of their existence in late 2004.
Tyler Raynard and Reggie Modin had been playing together for years in the reggae blues band Freeground, which had critical acclaim throughout Thunder Bay; and, had peaked at the huge Thunder Bay Blues Festival .
These four different, yet great stylings, are what gives Night Safari their unique sound, which is unmistakable and hard to compare.
In October 2006 they released their first self-titled album, boasting 8 original tracks. Four of these tracks can be heard on their myspace.
In a very short amount of time Night Safari has managed to share the stage with such acts as 'Raising The Fawn', 'In Flight Safety', 'Ten Second Epic', 'The Set', 'They Shoot Horses Don't They','Lives of Many', 'Vailhalen', 'Scott Van Teefflen', 'Al Langlade', 'Sue Is Fine', and 'The Wayback'. They have also played such events as the 'Dragon Boat Festival', 'Thunder Bay Community Auditorium's Best of the Best', and Nipigon's 'Blueberry Blast'.
A small independent tour is scheduled for the end of December 2006.
They are also working on a full length independent Canadian tour around May 2006.

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