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"2007 Twin Peaks Festival"

Aug 3 2007 2:55 AM

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the AWESOME performance you put on Saturday night at the festival! There was so much talent up on that stage, it was a real honest treat to have you play for us. Everyone really enjoyed the music and I hope we get the chance to see you perform again soon! - Official Twin Peaks Festival

"2007 Twin Peaks Festival Fan Review"

Great show this past Saturday night! Thank you so much for coming to Twin Peaks. See you in the trees... - Dan - Fan - Seattle WA

"2007 Twin Peaks Festival Fan Review"

Whew! If you folks aren't already the Twin Peaks Fest house band, you SHOULD be!!!
- Chuckles, Davis CA

"2007 Sunnbolt Studios Show Review"

"We loved your music! It's dark.... but it's fun!" - Arne Frager, Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA

"2007 Greeting from a Goth Queen"

Hi, Nightsage! DELICIOUS sounds... mmmm......

LOVE Nightsage's voice... I could drown myself in it [her]! And I see you're fans of David Lynch too? Kindred spirits, indeed! I'm happy to have "met" you and your music.

-NiNi - Corvo - NiNi


Nightsage - "LeeriX" Book/CD Sampler (winter 2008), "Bring It On" (2009), "LeeriX" 5 album set: "Don't Quitcha Day Job", "Goth-A-Go-Go", "CAVE POOL FISH", "Dissonance and Revolution", (2008) "White Knight, Dark Day" (2009)

John Neff (selected discography) - "Space Surfing" (summer 2008), "Electric Blues Band - World of Hurt" (fall 2008), "BlueBOB" - with David Lynch (2002), "Cannes Memory" - with David Lynch (2002), "Mulholland Drive Soundtrack" (2001), "Lux Vivens" - with David Lynch, Jocelyn Montgomery (1998), "Blond Leading the Blind" - Argentina Turner (1992), "SunDevil" (1978), "Electric Blues Band" (1969), "The Ascots" (1965)



Nightsage and famed guitarist/bassist and audio/film mix engineer John Neff collaborate on original material based on Nightsage's lyrical compositions and poetry, beginning with her new book of lyrical poetry entitled LeeriX. The band performs music from LeeriX along with John Neff retrospective material including songs by Steppenwolf, SunDevil, Argentina Turner and BlueBOB, and selections from Neff's new projects such as Space Surfing and The Electric Blues Band. Nightsage also performs David Lynch Film Soundtrack material, including appearances at the annual Twin Peaks Festival in North Bend, WA. We also employ projection of original visual compositions, dance, lighting and stage effects to set up moods, emotions, energy and thought provocation.

Our influences are: Rock, classical, gothic, blues, funk, jazz, metal, punk, industrial, ethereal, and the sounds and vibrations of the natural and supernatural realms.

Our shows are upbeat, dark, gothic, theatrical, mystical, surprising, enlightening, mysterious, sexy and fun!

Nightsage: Nightsage studied music, particularly guitar, percussion and vocals, since her youth, from "family hoe-downs" to a university music education and classical guitar program overseen by the reknowned virtuoso, Christopher Parkening. Nightsage placed her musical pursuits on hold for many years to pursue a career as a software engineer. But her musical passions were re-ignited in meeting John Neff in 2002, inspiring her to resume her vocal training with acclaimed pro vocal coach, Marta Woodhull. She began writing lyrical poetry ranging from the telling of personal anguish, trials and triumphs to observations, reflections, rants and diatribes relating to humanity, society, politics, nature, religion, sexuality, spirituality, and beyond. The poetry forms the basis for the songs that are composed by Nightsage and John Neff. Nightsage records and performs on lyrics, composition, vocals, guitar, and percussion.

John Neff: John has been in the music business since his teen years in the early 1960s and has contributed to hundreds of records since 1963, has given thousands of live performances, and has performed and produced countless hours of session work on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums with and for some of the music world’s most reknowned luminaries, including Steppenwolf, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffet, Hoyt Axton, Buffy Saint Marie, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen and David Lynch. John has spearheaded, performed and recorded with numerous bands over the years: The Ascots, Electric Blues Band, High Times, SunDevil, The Toad and the Mushroom, Zurich, Argentina Turner, Redeye, and BlueBOB. John has also had a long and successful career as a music and film mix engineer and sound designer, most recently working with David Lynch, Neal Schon, The Pinder Brothers, Sammy Hagar, Narada Michael Walden, and Journey. John recently was sound designer and mix engineer for the upcoming feature film, "Dark Reel" (fall 2008), in which the director placed two Nightsage songs. With Nightsage, John performs on vocals, guitar, keyboards and SFX, is our recordist, mix engineer and producer, and plays bass, drums, guitars, keyboards and SFX on recordings.

Chris Rossi: Born in Brooklyn, New York Christopher Daniel Rossi was quickly moved to California and raised in a town named Bolinas where artists, musicians and hippies thrived. Around High School he got his first guitar and that began his life long love for the six string electric guitar. Influences of music were many, 60’s 70’s, 80’s era each had a profound effect on his style. If Chris had to pick his top influential guitar player it is the late great Jimi Hendrix. Now 41 and married to his beautiful wife Ayran, plays guitar with Nightsage and his Rock band Brand J. A carpenter by trade and a musician at heart Chris will always be searching for something cool to learn and play next.

Bruce Wilmott: Long time side man for Robin Trower and Gamma vocalist Davey Pattison, Bruce has shared the stage with many of Rock’s luminaries, including Clarence Clemmons, Big Brother and the Holding Co. Neal Schon, Joe Louis Walker, and many others. Bruce has been with Nightsage since its inception as a live act during the summer of 2006. Bruce plays the bass, performs vocals, and has come to be known as our "dynamics missionary".

Dennis Suhrke - Born in San Rafael, Ca., and raised in San Francisco, he was forced to take piano lessons at the age of 13, foregoing other Wednesday afternoon exploits for a couple of years. Graduating from high school just in time for the summer of love, he would sit in with noteables Little Charlie and the Nightcats front man Rick Estrin, David Shelton Band and others at various S.F haunts. Putting the keys away to raise children for many years, more recent play has been mostly in Marin county with local favorites Industrial Cha Cha, Sunnbolt Music's "Friday Night Jam", and Robin Trower front man Davey Pattison.