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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"WW Featured on CityTV News"

**Approximately 3 Million Viewers in the Toronto Area - CityTV News

"Nights & Weekends feature in TORONTO INDIE MUSIC EXAMINER"

"With the fusion of retro rock, pop, and rap, Nights & Weekends seem to have all of their bases covered. Touching into the three most generically popular genres in the mainstream, the band's fusion of rock, pop and rap gives them an overall mainstream appeal. And mainstream is an understatement when describing these guys. Having their tracks featured on Oxygen networks' Bad Girls Club and hit MTV shows such as The Hills, Paris Hilton's My New BFF, The Real World, this band is not only taking over the radio waves but also the airwaves and beach waves and every other wave from LA to Toronto that you can think of. "

-Kaitie Campanella, Music Writer - TORONTO INDIE MUSIC EXAMINER

"Nights & Weekends feature in OTMZine"

"Nights & Weekends have played in Nashville, Boston, New York and all over Southern Ontario, but Toronto venues continue to remain a favorite. The boys have played at Lee's Palace, Sound Academy and Hart House among other prestigious venues." - OTM

"Nights & Weekends on MTV's The Hills"

*Please note: Nights & Weekends used to be called Weekend Warriors - MTV

"Nights & Weekends on SALACIOUS SOUND"

*Please note: Nights & Weekends used to be called Weekend Warriors - Salacious Sound

"Nights & Weekends on famed blog PRETTY MUCH AMAZING"

*note: Nights & Weekends were previously called Weekend Warriors. - Pretty Much Amazing

"Nights & Weekends Radio Play Summary"

Radio Play: Take Me To LA and Mr. Right Now

CKBWfm, Nova Scotia

The Fox 94.1FM, Saskatchewan

CJCSFM, Stratford, ON

CKLQ, Brandon MB

Variety 104, Cornwall, ON

The WOLF 101.5 FM, Peterborough, ON

CKBW 98.1FM, Bridgewater, NS

- NW


"Mr. Right Now" (airplay)
"Take Me To LA" (airplay)
"Caught Up In The Cycle" (airplay)

Nights & Weekends - EP Released May, 2010



It might sound weird to compare a band from Toronto to a New Orleans staple like gumbo. But when you consider that this dish is something that doesn’t make sense until you taste it, boiled together from whatever food you have in the fridge, it’s an apt metaphor for a group that brings together a vast mélange of influence and styles in a new—and delicious— way. Nights & Weekends is like musical gumbo, pulling from electro, pop, rock and hip-hop and cooking them together until you have this insanely catchy and addictive brand of music.

The origin story of the band that is like gumbo is one of true love, fate and beer. Brendan was in Toronto one weekend in early 2007 during college, visiting a friend. The morning after a party he walked by Mike’s room, where Mike was hungover and messing with beats. Once Brendan realized they were Mike’s own tracks he announced that he himself was a longtime singer. Naturally this proclamation led to the duo throwing down song ideas for the next eight hours—until it was time to party again.

It’s understandable that since this moment of kismet, Nights & Weekends has always lived by the motto “work hard, play hard.” Not only did Brendan start coming down from London Ontario to work on songs with Mike every weekend, but the two became fast friends. And it was inevitable that the pair would meet their third member, Jermaine, who’s originally from New Orleans (hence the gumbo metaphor), at a party they were playing. People were always saying, “Hey you gotta check out my friend, he’s a sick freestyler” and with Jermaine it happened to be true. Jay’s on-the-spot rhymes fit perfectly with Brendan and Mike’s electro pop sound and his captivating stage persona made it clear that Jermaine was destined to become a permanent fixture. Two quickly became three, and during the summer of 2007 the band created their first hit, a bumping pop number called “Mr. Right Now.”

“’Mr. Right Now’ was the first track written specifically for the three guys,” Mike says. “It was the turning point for our sound. This is the song that defined what we do now. Before that we were experimenting, but that particular record really solidified who we are as a band and the sort of music we make.”

The trio, then called Weekend Warriors, began work on a self-titled album. Mike produced the beats, Brendan sang and Jermaine rapped. Everything they wrote and recorded was done themselves (no co-writers here!). They began to tour around Ontario, steadily building a hometown fanbase, and eventually began playing shows in cities like Boston, New York and Nashville. Fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that live shows also included acoustic renditions of their hits, balancing the wild party attitude with a stripped down aesthetic. Even the DJ can step out from behind his turntable and play an instrument! As Weekend Warriors gained popularity they learned there were several other bands out there sharing their same name. So, in an effort to claim their territory the trio re-branded themselves as Nights & Weekends, a moniker that reflects their celebratory outlook and collective hat tip to the best moments of the week.

“We take our music seriously but we’re not afraid to throw down and party,” Brendan says. “That’s why we call ourselves Nights & Weekends. It’s our absolute favorite time of the week. You can’t deny it. The world just looks better after a good night or a good weekend. Our music is very much inspired by the idea of a good time.”

That inspiration eventually birthed an eleven-song, self-titled album that the band released on iTunes in early 2009. At first, not many people cared because not many people knew who they hell they were. But then a touchdown came when the band’s songs started getting placements on shows like MTV’s The Hills, Paris Hilton My New BFF, The Real World: Cancun (twice!) and most recently ABC Family’s breakout drama Make It Or Break It. Attention increased and the band celebrated by intently watching every episode with pals, captivated as their song “Take Me To LA” was juxtaposed with Speidi on the season 5 finale of The Hills. “Having our records on TV” says Brendan “shows us that there are fans beyond our friends and family, who might just be saying they like our music to be nice.”

It turns out people (well, most people) aren’t just saying that to be nice. “Caught Up In the Cycle” has reached over 60,000 plays and “Take Me To LA” over 54,000. Nights & Weekends won first place in Anthem Entertainment’s International Music Festival and as a result were sent to South Africa in 2009 to perform and participate in charity events sponsored by CHOSA Children of South Africa. They played two official showcases as part of New York City’s famed CMJ Music Marathon in October of 2009. The band is now preparing to release a new record, with both songs from their debut album and new tracks they’ve been working on in the studio. What do they want? What every ho