Nights is a rock and roll trio that makes compact rock songs, calling to mind the sounds of the 70's, (Kinks, Television, Eno, Roxy Music), the DIY ethics of the 80's (Husker Du, Pixies), and the Indy zeitgeist of the 90's (Dinosaur Jr, Guided by Voices, etc).


Nights began as a collaboration between Sean Greathead and Dan Walsh, as a songwriting project focused on experimental arrangements with room for a pop sensibility. Drummer Brian Weston, with whom Walsh had been playing with off and on for over a decade, joined the group in 2006.

After a prolific songwriting period, Nights found themselves with an arsenal of tightly crafted, solid, and driving rock songs, with a nod to the rock greats of yore. The band has a completely democratic songwriting process - there is no lead singer, no frontperson, and every member brings songs to the table. Each member provides vocal duties on different songs, each member contributes lyrics. The live shows feature consistant well-crafted songs, executed with solid delivery, that, simply put, rock.

Influences include Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Who, GBV, Blonde Redhead, Eno, Fleetwood Mac, Television, Talking Heads, Pixies, Neil Young, Destroyer, Will Oldham, Roxy Music, Can, The Cars, Faust, VU, Modern Lovers, Thin Lizzy, Wire, etc.

Set List

Our set is typically 35- 40 minutes.
8 original songs, sometimes we cover "The Ledge" by Fleetwood Mac.