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Night Terror

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We are Night Terror. We write our own songs, and occasionally do covers.


We are a metal band that writes our own music. We have a style much like Breaking Benjamin. Though it not exactly the same. My name is Adrian Rosebrook and I play guitar and vocals in addition to starting Night Terror. We have gone way off the track of my master plan to get the band members to cooperate and settle on a line up. The first official member of the band besides me was Colin Rapp. He also is forming a band called 50 Caliber so that will play a roll later. When I first asked he wanted to pretty much make it his band so we decided to settle on a deal. I guitar in his band, he drums in mine. I also originally wanted 5 guitars as well and when I told him about that he quit and tried to get me to quit my band as well! There are also two other guitarists that quit for two different reasons one is Ram who quit because he also thought there were too many guitars, and the other is Anthony Trexler that quit because of Mason and Ram. I didn't have a replacement drumer because there were so few that knew metal. I didn't know what I was going to do but then news spread I needed a drummer and Cole steped up. Mason, Jake, and Steven all immediately said yes as soon as I asked. Our first album is going to be called Possessed and we are curently working on the title track the lyrics are done and we are working on the rest. We plan to make our first gig The Steel City Coffee House. Please support us as we make the climb to rockstardom and remember every single fan is important to both me and the band.



Written By: Adrian Rosebrook

Verse 1: walking home from a party,
I see some thunder clouds,
what's this there rushing towards me,
next thing I know I'm in a shroud,
wake up on the cold hard ground,
felling nautious a little bit drunk,
suddenly I start to move,
I grab my k-bar out of my trunk,

Chorus: your a prisoner in your own damn body,
watchin the bloodshed of everybody,
you wanna scream can't let out,
the demon inside you is kicking
you out. repeat

vearse 2: lurking in a dark alley,
hear someone walking in,
I wish I could warn them,
that their lifes about to end,
I here them comin closer,
I wish I could shut my eyes,
but it's too late for that now,
I pull my knife out and she cries,


bridge: your just along for the ride,
can't control your movements,
can't even shut your eyes,
as the blood splaters


ending: your a prisoner,
a prisoner, a prisoner, a prisoner yea, a prisoner, a prisoner, a prisoner in your own damn body!


Possessed (coming soon)