Nihilio is a dangerous recipe of energetic live performances and a carefully crafted blend of melodic and heavy music.


Nihilio is comprised of members from all over the US who currently live together in Minneapolis. In November we released our anticipated first E.P. entitled "The Battle Has Begun." Sharing the love of Christ through our music and actions is our ultimate goal.


For the Love of God

Written By: Nihilio

Fall down on your knees, past tense makes no sense right now we will bawl. You live to see things done, well please be patient while the feeling comes back into your fingers. But it lacks some spice, cause your wanting life to be handed over on a silver platter. "But I live for him but I don't condone them." Well, it's not easy but its worth it, don't try to fake the forfeight. "I am at his feet doing God-knows-what!" Well whisper something and why don't you let him hold you? (This can't be) Out of nothing! It's funny how a scream can sound just like a whisper, given the vicinity of your attention span. But with that being said be free as him, the King. So I don't know what to do with all this knocking, it's like he's right there! "Bright eyes speak," but then the shadow of an angels wing rained upon his severed oppression. Remember your affliction and ponder this, whatever even comes to mind. For goodness sake, for the Love of God, (fine!) you can wait right here…


"the Battle has Begun" EP

Set List

5-6 Songs, about 35-40 Min.