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Confections EP - Current release as of 11/07
Confections of Truth - Due out early 08
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Nihilistic Bliss
A Biography of Players &
a Brief History of the Band

Heavily influenced by the Seattle Sound of the early nineties, early eighties metal, late seventies prog rock, and the protest movement of the late sixties, Nihilistic Bliss is a metamorphosis of the aforementioned. The music contains the rawness of Nirvana, the subtle shifts of Pink Floyd, the heavyness of Blizzard era Ozzy, and the introspection of late sixties folk. If you like loud, dirty, braying guitar played with subtle deftness and ferocity, with a fair measure of tasty, clean, unexpected riffs to mix it up… if you like deep, punchy bass licks that seem to hover right between the rhythm of the guitar and drums, and then glue them together… If you like thundering, expansive, explosive, syncopated drums with just enough touch thrown in to keep you from breaking your neck and to keep you honest… If you like a story woven… shouted… screamed, and occasionally even whispered at you and to you… about sacred cow subjects that are analyzed, dissected, stitched up and trotted back out just for your appreciation, consideration, denial, outrage, or approval… WHATEVER … we just WON’T accept apathy… then we are the band you will want to follow, participate in, and grow with. We have been doing to ourselves what we want to do to everyone else as a band for about a year and a half now… but don’t let that fool you… We are an eclectic collection of musicians with many stored experiences between us. At this point we are a self produced band; that means we write our own music, we record our own music, we arrange and produce our own music , we get our music ready for our listeners, (CD MP3 DVD LIVE etc etc), via our own sound studio, web presence and live efforts, and then, being very well rehearsed, we proceed to show up and dominate; all the time and every time. We are not here to party or pick up chicks, we are here to entertain, and we are serious about our craft.
The Players:
JOSH QUINN: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Lyrics, Music.

Josh was spat out into the Midwest, specifically in Olathe, KS sometime in the early eighties. His father decided to flee the sludge of civilization and moved his family to the Arkansas Ozarks and pursue a life more suitable to his taste. All this had some bearing on how Josh grew up and developed. This was especially true considering the gauntlet of DNA challenged, blue state, republican headed influenced sons of a bunch of toothless, sister fucking rednecks he had to thread his way through as he was growing up. Josh was always an outsider, desolation and anxiety being a liberal constant, and an unwelcome friend. While he and his brother battled the endless quiet and overt frustration and boredom of their lives combined, and his own singularly, he decided to turn his outrage back out toward all those who would consider him an outsider. Luckily, his parents had great taste in music, so he was exposed from an early age to all the greats of the late sixties and seventies. The soothing balm of The Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Zep, etc. etc. etc was at least a saving grace, at most a formative pillar in his younger days. When he became a teenager, all he needed was a vehicle for his angst. It was around this time that he discovered a little band called Nirvana. Kurt Cobains’ music and lyrics spoke to him as if Cobain had been watching and listening the whole time. Finally, someone understood, someone spoke for him, someone showed him the way. He was gifted with a guitar in his early teens, and more importantly, the freedom to use it as he saw fit. He also discovered that he too had the ability to turn a phrase and speak volumes in just a line or two. He has been honing his craft steadily for the last 10+ years waiting for just the right lineup, and here it is. Enter the beginnings of the scathing guitar and social articulation that will become, through whatever means necessary and available, Nihilistic Bliss.

Chad Kinne: Bass Guitar, Contributing Lyricist, Music.

Chads’ story is deeply intertwined with that of his brother Josh. Born in the mid seventies in Olathe, Kansas. Chad, as the older brother, often took the brunt of less than perfect situations, as older brothers often do. He also was deeply influenced by his environment at home and in the closed world of the deep Newton County Ozarks. To say he grew up in a world forgotten and in many cases left behind by the rest of the country, would be a gross understatement. Truly a round peg forced into a square hole, Chad would break the trail for his younger brother in many respects. The first to have to deal with social distortion, culture shock, isolation, frustration and the ubiquitous hillbilly mentality of the natives, he had the choice to submit and assimilate, to dumb himself down, to join the cliques of Joe Bob the Red Nosed Hick, or to stand and deliver as his own man. He refused the invitation to play their hillbilly games, and c